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I Had Become a Behind-The-Scenes Nerd

3 Jun

What kind of nerd looks at the behind-the-scenes footage of a movie or TV show on DVD? I’m not talking about the outtakes or bloopers. I’m talking about the actual behind-the-scene footage where the director, actors, or writers give you the commentary. No acting, just the nooks and crannies.

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Who does that? Who listens to these people talk more after the story is done. I mean the credits roll for a reason right? What kind of nerd makes time for this?


I do.

I’m that nerd.

I’m all about the nooks and crannies. I’ve always been, I think that’s probably the same reason why I watch shows like Law and Order SVU, Breaking Bad, and anything involving AMC or HBO. I imagine it’s the same reason why I pursue a writing career.

Behind the Scenes: it’s all about the intention, the meaning behind the story, the creator’s vision. And I’m all about finding that out. I want to know the “why” and it’s not like I’m ever going to run into these people at In-and-Out so that I can ask them. So this is my chance to find out.

The thing is … I’m curious, but I’m not stalker curious. I’m not one to watch gossip shows, or scan the web for celebrity nonsense.  I’m a behind-the-scenes person that checks out the creative nitty-gritty.

It’s like an encore, without the curtain or stage.

How did I realize I was this kind of nerd?  The Olympics and Adam Levine.

I hadn’t thought about it before, because for some reason it was automatic. I’d rent movies or watch a tv series on DVD, and it would be second nature to press the behind-the-scenes button. But when I saw a commercial for the Olympics just recently and Adam Levine’s new video for his song Payphone … it hit me. I was a behind-the-scenes nerd.

Every four years NBC does a behind-the-scenes look at all our American athletes doing their best to win the gold. Sometimes they get a little crazy with behind the scenes information and feature too much. But for the most part I love these stories. I get to see how these athletes began, what makes them unique, and how they got to the starting line. It’s the reason why I cheer for them. This is where I thought it began.

When did it go too far?

When I was watching the Maroon 5 video for their new song Payphone. I love Adam. He’s pretty good-looking. I like Marron 5. Their songs rock. So when the video finished and I was asked, want to go behind the scenes? What do you think I said?

Yeah. I did it.

And then it hit me. I was all about the nooks and crannies, and this was just a video. The making of it. Nothing dramatic. Just Adam telling us about the song and his character in the video.

I knew … I knew right then and there. I had become a behind-the-scenes nerd. No escaping it. Just embracing it. Embarrassing or not. It’s just another part of being The Guat.