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Happiness Project Update: Squeezing Every Drop of Juice Out of The Lemon

4 Jun

I couldn’t believe it when I read it. At first I was annoyed, then I was just angry, then I thought what the hell … why not?

This chick had everything she wanted and she was still not satisfied. What the hell is that? Why are you upset? Why are you having bouts of “midlife malaise”? What is your deal? If I was in your shoes … shit I’d be doing a cartwheels every day.

She had a great job, a good husband, a good home, and a nice kid. She traveled and she was passionate about something in her life, and it was paying off in all respects, so what was the problem? How could you not be ecstatic every day?

Only miserable people seek happiness right? Only people in states of depression want to get better, right? Only those with mediocre existences want to improve, right? You have a bad day, you want to turn it around. You have a bad life, you want to jump-start it in the opposite direction. Who’s happy now that seeks an even happier life? What kind of crazy person does that?

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Rubin. Crazy Gretchen Rubin.

After reading Rubin’s “Getting Started” section of The Happiness Project, I wondered why this chick even began a Happiness Project. I mean she wasn’t miserable. She was content with her life, but for some reason she was being sour. Not everyday all day, but apparently she wasn’t as happy as she thought she should be. She thought she was in danger of wasting her life, so she needed to make a change.

She was happy, but she wanted to be even happier.

I was irritated right off the bat.

But then my sports-minded side of the brain kicked it up a notch and help me understand. I realized, she’s like a professional athlete. Baseball player, football player, basketball player, cyclist … whatever. They know they’re good on the field or court, they just want to be better. They push. They just don’t play to win the game, they play to earn that championship trophy in the end. They’re good, they just want to be better.

They squeeze every drop of juice out of the lemon. She just wanted to do the same. She wanted to have that I’m-bungy-jumping-awesome feeling all the time.  She wanted to learn how to appreciate her good life, I guess.

Me, I just wanted to get there. I think people like myself who’ve gone through loads of crap on an ongoing basis, genuinely appreciate it when something awesome happens because it doesn’t happen everyday. If I got to where I was going, I’d stop off and have a drink to celebrate the awesomeness.

In any case I decided to forge on and create my own project. The only difference is I know I’m not happy, I’m just all right. I know I was meant for something better.

I mean c’mon … Is this it?

Shit, I hope not.

For the Happiness Project there are 12 resolutions. You work on one every month. But I was hoping to end the project in December so each resolution will be about three weeks. As she mentions, everyone’s project is different, but the aim is still the same.

This months resolution: Wellness. Rubin lists Energy/Vitality as her first basic stepping stone. However, I’m in a different boat. The Guat kind. So I figured wellness is a basic necessity for this project. Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically.

Humor is a key component for me. One of the tools in my box. It’s the stabilizing factor, and probably the reason why I haven’t jumped off a cliff. So it will probably be my wingman on this ride — on this adventure to squeeze every drop of juice out of the lemon.

Stay tuned.