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I’m Not In Kindergarten Anymore, But Gold Stars Are Still Nice

8 Jun

“Don’t expect little gold stars and you’ll be happier for it …”

I read that the other day and couldn’t believe the crap they were trying to unload. Happier, are you kidding me? That would suck.

Let me tell you something, even if you’re not a little kid in kindergarten, gold stars at any age rock. Whether it’s a pat on the back, a smile, or a combination of: “wow, congratulations, good job, that’s cool, that’s awesome, I’m proud of you, dude way to go, you rock …” that sort of stuff goes a long way.

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When you’re a kid you should definitely get a lot of that when you accomplish your goals. It’s a self-esteem thing. I mean let’s not get carried away either, you’re not going to always say “great job” when they clearly haven’t done so, but you use your judgement.

But as an adult you learn that most of your goals and accomplishments are solely for yourself. You don’t really do them for attention or praise. You do it for your own sense of accomplishment and awesomeness. Big or little, you do everything for yourself, for your own I-feel-like-doing-a-cartwheel feeling.

But it is nice when others share in your awesomeness or notice these things, especially family and friends.

I’m not a Kobe Bryant glory hog. In fact, people like that irritate me to no end, but when I read that quote I couldn’t believe it. I’m all about giving gold stars when friends or family do something good, and I’m all about receiving them too. Big or little. Gold stars are a way of saying …

“Hey I noticed that you busted your ass to do something great and I congratulate you.”

“Hey I appreciate that you thought of me even though you have  a lot going on right now.”

“Hey, I know you’ve had a I’m-going-to-jump-off-a-cliff kind of day, but just wanted to let you know that the little things you do matter. I see your efforts.”

“Hey, I know you’re so exhausted and that you’d probably give someone a million dollars for an hour nap, but this meal kicks ass, thanks for whipping it up in your sleepwalker existence.”

Gold stars … they go a long way. Big or little things. They matter.

So even though I give myself recognition or a WOO-HOO for awesome Food Network caliber meals, for sports moments that could be featured on ESPN2, for successfully cleaning up clutter from spaces that look like they were owned by A&E’s Hoarders, for completing a graveyard shift on baby watch 2012, for finding front-door parking in a crazy hectic store, for choosing a great movie from Netflix, or for writing a good piece that features humor and honesty, I still enjoy it when someone notices my effort.

I’m not in kindergarten anymore, but gold stars are still nice. I don’t anticipate them every time I do something. I do things for my own peace of mind and sense of accomplishment, but they are welcomed in my home any time.