The Dad Chronicles

He was a Rooter of the Underdog, A Laugh-Until-You-Crack-Me-Up Enthusiast, My HBO-Watching Buddy, The Remote-Control Master, The I’m-Broke-Right-Now-Can-You-Help-Me-Out-Financier, The Bucket List Adventurer, The Random-Acts-of-Kindness Missionary, The Häagen-Dazs Hogger, and The Wingman to My Dreams.

My Dad … the fierce adventurer who couldn’t swim very well but often jumped into the deep end of my uncle’s pool with, no floaties, just to prove that anything is possible if you’ve got heart and guts lived an unfinished life. He died of Interstitial Lung Disease in 2010 at the age of 62. But I carry his spirit on my shoulders in everything I do and with every adventure I jump into … he’s there.

So in attempt to keep his spirit alive, here are a few stores I’d like to share.


Hanging out with Dad …



Remembering Dad: Chito 7 Pantalones and His Samsonite Briefcase

Dad … The Filet Mignon of My Life

Boxes, Turkeys, Thanksgiving and My Dad

My Dad, The Super Bowl and a Dirty Kitchen

It Was a Good Laugh … It Had to Be

Stupid Ricky Martin

Having a Foster Farms Moment

Christmas Tree Auctions, The Denny’s Tree and My Dad

Seven Days, Two Guats, Twelve Boxes, and My Dad’s Taxes

Party of Two: My Dad, The Oscars, Nachos and Me

The HBO Club and My Dad

Black With Two Sugars, and Guatemalan Water Slides

Color Cash and Dad, Jalopy Junction and Son

Easy Company, HBO, and Dad

Celebrating My Dad … With a Small Latte and a Box of Betty Crocker

Where it All Began

Aisle 19, The Long-Lost Cookies and My Dad

Turkey, Man Hands and Remembering My Dad

The Hanging-Out Phase of The Flu, My Dad, and The Fighter

Thanks HBO For a Refresher on My Eastwood Education

No Blue Bowling Bag, But Plenty of High Fives and Cakes

My Dad, The Mental Diet, and The Lieutenant Dan Phase

Thinking of My No.1 Fan on Father’s Day

 My Dad and The Last Pickle

Up For Round II

My Dad and His Hats

Detour With Dad

My Dad’s Waterfalls and Keep On Clucking

Your Still Make The Cake







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