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One Cure For The Bad-Day Hangover

15 Jun

You wake up in the morning and there it is … life.

Sometimes it’s good to you … so good you that you’re smiling, cracking up and forgetting the crappy part of your existence that surrounds you. Other times you feel like you’re George Costanza and wish you had bottled up that awesome happiness and had it on hand.

This is how it goes.

You do your best to open your eyes and think of something you’re supposed to be grateful for … something … anything that can get you to jump out of bed. But with your bad day hangover, you can’t seem to think of anything spectacular.

You close your eyes again and then it hits you.

Jim. Jim MacLaren.


Jim … this is his story …

After thinking about Jim, I smacked myself a couple of times and got out of bed. I found a cure for my bad-day hangover, at least for today.

If you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up, check it out.