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The Lesson Was on Me This Time

7 Jun

When something goes wrong, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?Judgement — as in what were you thinking?

Making a decision and thinking before you do something. You take many things into consideration before making a decision. Think before you swing. Think. Listen, and make a good decision. This was what we talked about at golfing school today. And although this was the word of the week for my son and his three and four-year old golf school classmates, I think it was more of a heads-up for the parents.

The Spring Competition is next week. All the golf skills he practiced and learned at school will get tested before the spring session ends. It’s the end of the semester fun skills test. Key word here is fun. The kids are supposed to have fun. They’ll do everything from putting, chipping, and swinging away on the range.

Judgement on the putting green

I informed my son of the championship and just told him it would be a contest and all he had to do was his best. Listen, focus, and do your best, and we’ll be fine next week. We’ll practice, but not too much.

Sometimes parents get all crazy when it comes to their kids and sports. They might not get pageant crazy, like those moms on the TLC show with Little Miss Sunshine weird-looking toddlers with makeup and crowns, but sometimes the parent wants to win more than the kid. And that’s when the craziness begins.

In truth I’m competitive myself, but I’ve seen those parents press their kids and then the entire experience just sucks for everybody. So I try not to do that. I’m hoping I don’t get crazy, and knowing me I won’t. I’ll check myself. But I can see some parents on that trip, without a self-checker.

I’m hoping my son will do all right. In truth he has a pretty good chance of winning but anything can happen. While some kids take two strokes to sink the ball on the green, which is pretty awesome, my son in his best hockey stance takes about ten swings, or at least he did so today. He averaged seven today. He gives me the thumbs up when the ball finally rolls into the hole. He’s pretty pleased with himself.

I shake my head and smile. “Good try. Good try.”

“Yes. It was a good try. I was great.”

Judgement. Judgement tells me not to act like that crazy parent that yells in frustration and tells his kid to do it right or else they’re not leaving.

Judgement tells me to smile, give him a thumbs up in return, and say: “Yeah, you are great, all we need is a little more practice before the championship contest next week. But for now, how about some Goldfish Crackers?”

“Yeah. Goldfishes for me being great.”