Feel Good 5 Friday … On A Saturday Night

22 Aug

Sometimes the week’s or day’s events harden you a little bit more and even with a weary heart you go on and you find the softness in moments where you can find them, the kind that take you back and you can see yourself in the mirror again.

Sometimes it’s life during a pandemic, sometimes it happens even if the pandemic didn’t exist. Jobs you don’t like, moments you have to endure, or toxic people that still try to poison your well with their words or actions

Bit by bit, pieces chipped away and all you’re trying to do is get them back.

But you find moments of strength that help you endure. The ocean serves as a great salvation, as do morning hugs and laughter from my kids, early morning runs, or punching sessions with the MuayThai gloves. Laughter because of a good comedian makes you feeeeeeeeel yourself again. The smile that you saw in pictures way back, makes an appearance and a sigh of relief fills your chest.

But when I can’t get any of that and I’m feeling off, I put on the playlist. Sometimes it’s the slower tunes with deeper lyrics that get me to turn the corner.

They build.

And that helps reconstruct some of the pieces in you that felt broken. Zac Brown Band is always a go-to for me and never lets me down, with all the albums I own, he gets his feel good tunes any time of day. And the Brothers Osborne have that deep soothing voice and cool melody, I fell for this song and it caught my heart. Love the build. I flashed back to Los Angeles Azuuuuuuuuuules because they jam with other artists to make better sounds. My Blue-Eyed souls, the ones that bring it every time, my Hall & Oates, whose concert rocked epically, always get me with this song. And it’s a sad song, but it makes me feel better. Makes me feel. Just the sound of their voices. Bob Dylan’s son with his Wallflowers, when I hear this tune I need to stop and let it sink in. That opening and that vibe they got going, it reverberates and changes my frequency.

And that’s what needed.

These songs make me feel something different. Sometimes it’s a time machine sending me back to a moment or place that made me smile or feel good, sometimes it’s the they-probably-wrote-this-for-me reflection, and sometimes it’s the wishing part of the song, the one in the pocket between the chords, after the bridge that makes you feel connected.

I was in the midst of all that and it helped me breathe a little deeper. Feel-good vibes tingling my heart and building the part of me that’s important. Growing.

Buen Camino, my friends!


Brothers Osborne — Stay A Little Longer

Zac Brown Band – Homegrown

Angeles Azules – Acariname

Wallflowers — One Headlight

Hall & Oates – She’s Gone




10 Responses to “Feel Good 5 Friday … On A Saturday Night”

  1. Sorryless August 23, 2020 at 4:26 PM #

    I know how much you dig the Zac Brown band, and man . . I dig that Brothers Osborne very much. As for Hall and Oates, who doesn’t dig em? 🙂

    • The Guat August 24, 2020 at 7:28 PM #

      Heyyyyy glad you’re back from your hiatus. Happy to welcome you back with a good playlist! You know Zac Brown Band and Hall&Oates are GREAT! But so glad to introduce you to Brothers Osborne. They are soooo good 🙂 I fell for their sound when they came out a couple years ago. Hope you’re doing well!! Can’t wait to read your updates 🙂

  2. Sartenada October 4, 2020 at 1:32 AM #

    Wow, you played Cumbia, my favorite music. This is good: Angeles Azules – Acariname.

    Here is my example of Cumbia:

    Aniceto Molina – El Diario De Un Borracho

    Happy Sunday!

    • The Guat October 4, 2020 at 4:23 PM #

      Yeah we’re Cumbia people over here Angeles Azules were the cleaning do your chores songs growing up. So it would t be so dismal scrubbing bathrooms. But Aniceto rocks! He was the dancing one He’s was on all our cassettes growing up with Pollera Colora 🙂 PLUS! La Sonora Dinamita is our ultimate:)

      • Sartenada October 4, 2020 at 9:33 PM #


        I know them and love their music. Someday I will present their song in my posts. In my latest post, I have started my music corner. I guess that you noticed it.

        BTW, you are the first during my blogging history who loves Cumbias as I do!!!

        • The Guat October 4, 2020 at 9:43 PM #

          Oh wow! I can’t believe I’m the first! I’m sure there are more out there 🙂

  3. Sartenada October 4, 2020 at 11:55 PM #

    Keyword was love. Yes, I have met couple persons, but they did not understand really What Cumbia! It is life!

    In Finland Cumbia is not known and thus it is not popular. I am maybe the one Finland who loves Cumbias!!! In my home I have “hundreds” of Cumbias, but they are LP records. I have been visiting to Guatemala in the 70s. There I had the first contact with Marimba de Tucuman! Example:



    • The Guat October 18, 2020 at 10:50 PM #

      Marimba is where my people come from. They enjoy that A LOT. Very upbeat. I like both, but tend to lean on cumbias more:) thanks for the suggestions

      • Sartenada October 19, 2020 at 2:06 AM #

        BTW, did you already visit my blog?

        • The Guat October 19, 2020 at 9:23 PM #

          I did! I left you a message and I jus recently read your latest post with the western guitar song. That guy does have some skills. Reminds me of Bonanza 🙂

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