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Looking Through The Right Lens …

29 Jul

Turning the corner feels so good, when the day before seemed like such a nightmare.

I was secretly hoping things were going to get better but I didn’t want to jinx myself. It’s weird when people think like that, I know. But I was just hoping for a little luck from the universe, and it turns out, the universe was definitely conspiring with me that day.

Even though we had to cancel our Bucket List Adventures that day, turning 41 ended up being pretty good. I found so many tiny blessings that added up to such a cool day, small moments to be super grateful for, and if I hadn’t been looking, my perspective would have been so different. So glad I was looking through the right lens …




101-degree fevers and vomit gone …

No traffic on the way and Flock of Seagulls on the radio …

Realizing it’s 99 degrees where you live but a cool 77 on your beach spot …

Warm sand, low tide, cool waters, and no beach space invaders …

Catching some awesome boogie board waves that make you feel like you’re on a the Travel Channel Special, in slow motion, and Morgan Freeman is narrating  …

Great picnic with no sand in the sandwiches …

Splashing in the waves, hearing my kids laugh, hearing my own laugh …

Relaxing on a Tommy Bahama Beach Chair and taking a moment, a couple actually, to check out the peaceful scene …

Driving out for an early dinner and not getting lost on the way …

Eating the best fish tacos I’ve had in 12 years … Duuuuude.

Driving home, in traffic, but kids watching Despicable Me and I’m bopping my head to The Boss, The Zac Brown Band, The Rolling Stones,Tears for Fears, The Beastie Boys, New Edition, and La Pollera Colorada … ahhh best mixed tape ever …

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, flan, triple chocolate mousse, one candle, a happy birthday song, and a great wish waiting for me at home …

Buen Camino my friends.




Small Moments On A Buen Camino …

25 Jul

101-degree fevers accompanied by vomit and tears?

It might end up being a tradition.


Three years in a row when everything that can go wrong does go wrong on the night before? Yeah, maybe. It’s Birthday Eve and I’m remembering last year and being in a somewhat similar position where things beyond my control were out of control. Well it’s happened again, only this time I had to cancel a trip because of it.


Image from Santa Barbara Adventure Company at Channel Islands National Park


No bucket list adventures for me this time around, no sea cave kayaking off the coast of California to ring in another year. The Birthday Eve bad luck bandit has struck again.

But …

It was Birthday Eve … it was Birthday Eve two years in  a row where I had to ask for grace and work hard to find the bits and pieces of gratitude throughout the day. It happened on Birthday Eve and I expected it continue onto the next day. But come sunrise things changed.

The universe decided to rain sunshine down on me and helped turn things around. I found spectacular moments to be grateful for on my adventure last year, and so I’m counting on that happening again. I’m counting on all that bad luck hitting the night before, making way for blessings and happy moments for the next day.  The day.

I was sad about cancelling our trip, our little get away on such short notice, but vomit, fever, and kids are unpredictable on vacation. So no hotels, no kayaks, no sea adventures.

So now Plan B is in full effect …

They’re turning the corner and health is looking up. So day trip is in my future tomorrow. Just a single day trip with small moments of happiness and gratitude throughout. That’s  what I’m hoping for …small moments that will eventually add up … small moments that turn the corner on a Buen Camino.











Monday Memories …

18 Jul
Australia Photos 027


Starting off the week right by remembering a special moment … The beach is always a good place to start.




Bits and Pieces of Color … Well … A Lot of Color

15 Jun

I tried to slow down to take it all in, but they just wanted to go, go, go!

They wanted to get their shine on, they wanted to get the fun going, while I was trying to relive an awesome moment from last year. I was trying to slow the process down, trying to have them enjoy it a little more. Savor it maybe. But kids don’t savor much. They devour stuff. Good stuff. Oreo cookies. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Doritos. So it was no wonder they wanted to get to the action as quickly as possible. They wanted that awesome feeling, so it was no surprise that they ran like The Flash during the Color Run just to get to it.

So after the first ten minutes I just let them go.

I let go of my expectations and I let my kids run wild among colors, and things turned out just fine. With the help of some uphill climbs we were able to meet somewhere in the middle, and that was pretty cool too. The middle is cool. I was still able to capture some pretty awesome Kodak moments, and absorb the energy, the feeling, and the happiness of our moments, and for that I was grateful.

Everyone, including myself, tries for the big moments in life. They seem the most rewarding, but sometimes life is made up of little accomplishments that end up becoming bits and pieces of who you are as a person, parent, or family. I was grateful to have added more of these pieces to my life and to that of my kids. Bits and pieces of color … well a lot of color.

The beginning ... a crowded one. But still a good one full of music, bubbles, and good vibes.

The beginning … a crowded one. But still a good one full of music, bubbles, and good vibes.


Ready to rock!

Ready to rock!


Feeling blue.

Feeling blue.


Took a spin through the orange.

Took a spin through the orange.


The Guats letting our awesome out.

The Guats letting our awesome out.



Love-Me Notes Resurface

27 Oct

I haven’t had one since high school.

A good-old fashioned one, handwritten on paper, with pen, and folded just right. Nope, it’s been at least 25 years.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve gotten emails and cards, but nothing quite like that hand-folded note given to you while waking the hallways to your next class. Nothing like a Lloyd Dobler moment in written form to make you smile.






Love-me notes.

It’s the feeling you get when you read them.

Comfort. Warmth. Friendship. Love. Possibilities.

It’s the fact that someone took the time out of their day to inspire you, to let you know that they were thinking of you, to make you feel special in some way.

I hadn’t thought about these notes in quite some time.

But then I discovered the little love-me notes waiting for me every night. After a long day of everyday business when I’m trying to enjoy the quiet of the night and get lost in the drama that is television, I sip a cup of tea. It relaxes me, brings back the Zen if I feel that it’s been lost. And as tear open the pouch the first thing I look for is the tag. It’s a little bit of inspiration, a little warmth, a little love. It reminds me of the love-me notes from before and it makes me smile. Granted they’re not handwritten, probably massively produced, but they still give me a moment. And that’s all I need, a feel-good moment every night. But instead of someone else giving them to me, I feel like I give them to myself every night.

It was quite unexpected to have found those feel-good moments from a tea bag, but I look forward to them.