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Hearing Loss … Now I Know It’s Not Because of Old Age

3 Sep




Just So You Know …

5 May






Everybody Has a Little Jack in Them

30 Apr


Image courtesy of Shuffle.com

Image courtesy of StatusShuffle.com


Apparently he thinks I’m like Jack.


Jack is back

Jack is back … Are you ready?


And you know what?

Sometimes I am.

Although I may need a little more than 24 hours to save the day and a lot of chocolate to celebrate.

Things get rough and tough, whether you’re married, or divorced. Parent or living single. I’ve learned that everybody has a struggle. Everybody has something in their life that challenges their patience, their zen-like state of mind, and their road to happiness. Everyone has something that will eventually burn them out. I know something pops up for me at least once a week.

But I think I’ve found it.

Perspective. Sometimes I lose it.

Yeah it’s gone missing a couple of times during road rage, relationship disasters, and personal crises. Writer’s block attacking you when you’ve only got an hour to spare, mother reminding you of things you just can’t bear, rejection letters piling in, anti-aging creams that are just not working,  kids that love you but don’t listen, and student loans that don’t seem to be shrinking. All this burns me out, but it doesn’t completely ruin my day anymore. I don’t know if I’ve developed a thicker skin. I’d like to think that I’ve just managed to find my Jack Bauer.

Yeah … I eventually have a light-bulb moment and it comes back to me.

I’ve found a routine that’s helped me uncover it … helped me find my hidden Jack Bauer. Normally it takes a triathlon or climbing 1,400 stairs to ignite this bad-ass nature but I can still capture that feeling without running a race or achieving a Bucket List Adventure.

Through my hour of power in the morning, which includes a Rocky Balboa type of work out minus the raw eggs of course, thoughts on gratitude although on days when everything blows up I’m just grateful that I have clean underwear, and my pump-it-up jams which often include 80s music and Pharrell Williams, and my meditation challenges in the evening which at times lead to a snooze fests in mid session because I’m not as Zen as I’d like to think, just exhausted. With all of these steps I’ve managed to improve my outlook in the last couple of months.

I’ve managed to find my inner Jack Bauer. My badass.

Dude … everybody has a little Jack in them.You just have to remember to let him out.

Jack is back.



Through Blood, Sweat and Tears, There’s a Badass in Everyone

15 Oct

He won the NCAA Wrestling Championship … at 36-0 … with one leg. One. No prosthetic. No six-million dollar Colonel Steve Austin bionic apparatus. None. Just one leg.

Then he won an ESPY Award.




Normally when I see stories like this they make me stop complaining about my life — my troubles. Guilt sets in. Stuff like, it could be worse, right? Although I doubt it.  But this story, this story didn’t do that. This story made me think … damn … that’s awesome. I should be doing some bad-ass stuff in life too.

Then I remembered … dude I woke up this morning. My kid kept me up from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. and I still managed to wake up at 7:30 a.m. when my other kid woke up ready for the day. Parenting is badass.

I remembered I built a Lego Fire Truck with my son — the fire truck with over 240 teeny, tiny pieces. Badass.

I remembered I can eat an entire Claim Jumper Chocolate Silk Pie all by myself. Badass.

I remembered that after working a 12-hour mom shift that leaves me desperately weary, worn out, and in need of Advil, I run two miles in the dark of night, and then I write an entry in my blog. Badass.

I remembered that even though I get writer rejections at least once a month and people strongly suggest why don’t I just pursue another avenue in life, I still stick to the writer dream. Badass.

I remembered … I survived The Warrior Dash and I’m doing my third triathlon this Sunday and even though I’ve been in the pool once and know the swim is going to kill me, I’m still going for my third race. Badass.

So even though I didn’t win the NCAA Wrestling Championship or an ESPY Award, this story reminds me  that there’s always a little badass in me — a little unconquerable spirit that tells me … don’t give up, that perseverance eventually pays off, that everyone has obstacles, that you are unstoppable when things seem insurmountable even if you don’t know it, that you are badass even if you’re sleep-deprived. A one-year old will do that to you.

“I don’t care what’s probable, through blood, sweat, and tears I am unstoppable.” — Anthony Robles

This inspiring story inspired the Guat.