Comfort in Milk & Pepsi

6 Feb

I wanted just a moment to myself. Most of the time I have to wake up at the crack of dawn or wait until the middle of the night to have these little escapes. I’ve learned that they’re necessary every couple of months. I just need to tag out.

Luckily I had some relatives in from out of town who were willing to babysit, and I was able to recharge my sense of self. Sometimes I have to go back to the time of bell-bottoms and schlamiel and schlamazel my way to Zen.

It was a great renewal moment … and it took me back to a time where I hung out on the fluffy chocolate brown living room couch,  and got lost in a cool friendship with laughter along  way.

It was the first time I had ever thought to try Milk & Pepsi. The combination had never occurred to me before. But I mean if it was Laverne’s favorite drink, I haaaaaaaaad to have it. However, I was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped because Laverne DeFazio was one of my favorite people growing up but apparently Milk & Pepsi is an acquired taste..

There I was in the living room watching Laverne & Shirley and thinking if I was in Milwaukee I’d probably share a slice of pizza and go bowling with them. They make me laugh. And so when I heard that they would be having a Laverne & Shirley marathon at a theater in town in order to celebrate the anniversary of their first show, I jumped at the chance to be a part of something like that.

It’s not a big deal to some people, just a TV show, but back in the day this show was a fun show about the lives of two strong, young women and the strength of their friendship throughout all their adventures. Penny Marshall was something awesome and when she passed away last year I was really heartbroken to hear the news. I’d remember her awesome directing with Big and A League of Their Own, but watching her as Laverne DeFazio was a great memory growing up. I felt a piece of my childhood drift off when she passed.

But I got a chance to relive some of the good-feel vibes when I heard about the Laverne & Shirley marathon. My aunt was visiting and she offered to watch the kids so that I could escape to the theater and catch a couple of episodes. Naturally I couldn’t do the entire 12-hour marathon, but I did catch some classics.

The theater was full of like-minded Laverne & Shirley enthusiasts I had never met before, and I was glad to have made it. There was an unspoken camaraderie among us, as we watched the episodes and laughed. I rekindled moments of funny from my childhood that felt good, moments of laughter during their friendship, moments of myself as a kid, sitting on the chocolate brown couch and thinking I had a friend just like that in my life. I found the moment-of-the-day and tried to hold onto to as much as I could, sitting among a community of people who felt the same connection. And I felt comfort. I felt comfort sitting there within this community. It brought me joy and laughter. Again.

It was a good break … good Zen. Milk & Pepsi recharged my batteries. And I’m sure there are shows out there that people remember and think back on with smiles. Shows that they’d sit through a marathon for … Shows that give you comfort.

Here’s hoping you find them.


Buen Camino, my friends!






3 Responses to “Comfort in Milk & Pepsi”

  1. Sorryless February 7, 2019 at 3:44 AM #


    Milk and Pepsi really, really is an acquired taste, LOL. I also tried it. A few times. Had to chase it with ice cream scoops each time. But Laverne is allowed her mulligan, and besides, maybe you gotta be from Milwaukee to get that one.

    Yes. To everything you wrote here. I loved that show as well. Laverne and Shirley is the way a sitcom is supposed to behave. It was engaging and funny as hell. And it was real. Those two girls became a part of my family every week.

    Good for you for getting out there to catch a few episodes with like minded peeps who know a great show when they see one.


    • The Guat March 7, 2019 at 12:52 AM #

      An ice cream chaser would have been a great idea! I never thought of it. Maybe the after taste sidetracked me there 🙂 I was kind of pleased with myself that I tried something new. I’d never done anything like that and that whole vibe was pretty cool, had that stadium-ball-park-high-five-strangers vibe at a cozier comedy fest level. I totally padded myself on the back there. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your Laverne story buddy. I crack up when I hear others tried it too. 🙂

      • Sorryless March 7, 2019 at 4:13 AM #

        You bet I tried it.
        How refreshing that Penny Marshall had kids trying milk and Pepsi rather than booze and smokes
        Another point for Laverne . . .

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