I Broke Up And Didn’t Even Know It …

10 Oct

I had a breakthrough.

I just had it! Wanted it a couple of weeks ago, needed it a couple of weeks ago, but things don’t tend to happen on your timeline.

But it happened. I was on a roll and it culminated with the awesomeness of a Zac Brown Band concert.


I was going to tell you about my Anti-Dentite moment just for laughs, because that’s exactly how I found myself at the dentist’s office, contemplating between two of the worst possible choices presented to me, and instead of freaking out right away,which would have been the normal reaction, I guess. I started cracking up, at the absurdity of the choice, but I’ll save that for your Monday and hope to get you smiling at the beginning of the week.

Now this post … Tonight on my Netflix Night, I stand at peace thinking of the writer’s block I just Ninja-ed my way through. I was on a serious creativity drought where I found myself bored with my character and the thing is … She isn’t boring. I was super pumped when I started this literary journey. Tuning in night after night just to see how it all panned out. I was totally into her. Totally.

But then … I don’t know. The spark fizzled out.

I think reading it for the thousandth time and rewriting, rewriting, rewriting, rewriting, rewriting it … I was like duuuuuuude I don’t want hear it. Enough with your life chick. Enough!

I couldn’t get my groove back and it didn’t help that the weeks were filled with the daily chaos that lives in the nooks and crannies of every mom’s life, the one that exhausts you because you got very little help, the one that you love and dislike at the same time, but the one that you’re super grateful for at the end of the day. You’re tired and grateful at the same time.


That’s how I found myself at the end of the night, just wanting to unwind, with no creative energy pumping through my veins and onto the page. I had broken up with my main character and didn’t even know it. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever been so into your story but then after weeks of editing you feel like … yeah it’s not me, it’s you, has that ever happened?

But after a couple of weeks … I found myself searching for her again and reacquainting myself with that badass quirky character.

I snapped out of it.

I found inspiration through podcasts that I had no idea existed.

I got some Magic Lessons from Elizabeth Gilbert, soulful help from Rob Bell, and a dream chasing curiosity session on The Nerdist featuring Brian Grazer.

I stumbled across this podcasts phenomenon by accidentally tapping on the icon in my phone and then bam! Before I knew it I was rewriting like I meant it, not just getting through the pages but reconnecting with my character, Ms. Elena, watching her future unfold and cracking up as I remembered why she was created in the first place. I reconnected with inception. I didn’t want to break up again.

I saw the Big Picture again. I saw myself reading excerpts at Vromans Bookstore and Barnes&Noble, I saw myself listening to people laugh at the story, I saw myself signing copies (at Costco maybe), I saw myself in my white tent at the annual Festival of Books, I saw myself smiling because I had a copy of my novel in my hands.

So the podcasts lit the fire and I wasn’t burning daylight or midnight anymore.

Writing and rewriting everyday…consistently. Yup consistently, which has always been a technical difficulty for me.

But I had a breakthrough  … All because of an accidental push of a button.

I like those kinds of happy accidents, because most the ones that happen to me suck. Majorly suck.

So I high-fived myself at the end of these two weeks. I let my freak flag fly at the Zac Brown Band Concert and I rocked out with the sold-out crowd, celebrating my accomplishment and enjoying the sounds of the best country band to play under the stars.

It was a great reward for keeping this writer workout going. No more break-ups here.




7 Responses to “I Broke Up And Didn’t Even Know It …”

  1. Cayman Thorn October 11, 2015 at 7:53 AM #

    You found the Zen of it all. You know, your blog just keeps getting better and better and better.

    Every character I’ve written up is a real, living, breathing person to me. It’s as close as I’m ever gonna come to being a mother, so there’s that. And you speak to this relationship so very well. It’s personal, on a level to which you don’t understand unless you’re in the relationship. It sounds crazy, and I really like that.

    Love the writing, love the thoughts. Love how you tie it all together with a tune. Spot on hermana, as per usual.

    Peace and love

    • The Guat October 19, 2015 at 5:56 PM #

      Thanks so much for the kind words bud, I REALLY appreciate it. I’m also really glad that you understand my neurotic writer’s mind and the relationships and world we create…yours is an awesome world and I love your characters, so your visit and kind words make my heart feel good. Thanks bud 🙂

  2. anotherday2paradise October 11, 2015 at 10:11 AM #

    Good for you, TG! Love this Zac Brown track. Thanks for introducing me to him, I think I have get him inside my iPod. 🙂 Looking forward to reading your dentist story.

    • The Guat October 11, 2015 at 11:14 AM #

      Oh! They’re a great band! Definitely check them out and get them on you feel good playlist. They’re awesome! Great way to wrap up the week!

  3. Paul S October 13, 2015 at 3:38 AM #

    “You’ve decided to be an artist in a world that only cares about city bankers and reality show contestants. You’re brave.”

    • The Guat October 19, 2015 at 5:57 PM #

      Duuuuuuuuuuuude that is a hard world for artists types like myself and I sooooooo appreciate your mentality. Thanks for hanging out.

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