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The Top 10 That Make You Smile

22 Aug

There are times when you walk into a department store or liquor store and you hear it.

You could be thinking about what to make for dinner, picking up the kids, your budget, the ugly sweater and how sad it is that you can’t even afford the ugly sweater, or you could still be fuming over the fight you had with that stupid someone over the parking space they stole from you. But then you hear it and it’s unexpected. You stop and you smile.

You don’t even look to see if someone is watching you … you just start bobbing your head to the beat and you mouth the words. Sometimes your foot starts tapping. And then there it is … your freak flag is flying.

This is the scene that occurred to me when I read a recent post from a fellow blogger “50 Things That Make Me Smile”. She had some good ones on the list and even inspired me to make my own list. But then I realized that some of my own 50 list items had to do with television shows or music.


So I went back in my Guat brain for the television moments that helped me flip the switch no matter what and I realized it all started with the theme song. I could be any where doing anything, doesn’t matter. If I hear any of these songs … BAM smile on my face, singing or humming the song, followed with some awesome Solid Gold Dancer moves. They’re pick-me-ups. And everyone needs a good pick-me-up.  So I paused my 50 Things That Make Me Smile list and created this one.

So if you’re having a rough Thursday here you go … the top ten television show theme songs. Guaranteed to make you smile, give you some Vitameatavegamin-pep-pick-me-up kind of mood. Snaps you out of it … for at least two minutes.


10. Magnum P.I.


9. Party of Five


8.  Night Court


7. Psych


6. The Greatest American Hero


5. One Day At A Time


4. Bosom Buddies


3. Rescue Me


2. The Jeffersons


1. Sanford & Son