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I Am … The Underdog Lover

19 Feb

The day after I had my rocky-road-cookie-dough ice cream meltdown, I scanned my books, journals, and old emails in order to get a positive spin on a pretty much crappy marathon of a day. You know I was looking for something to be grateful for, other than the obvious choices you see in fortune cookies.

I found a couple of inspirational quotes most of them being from people like Tony Robbins, Joel Osteen, Dale Carnegie, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Winston Churchill. Churchill … I didn’t realize he was badass. I guess you would have to be in order to be the Prime Minister of a country. My all time favorite: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

I thought dude … what up brother from another mother. I forgot about that one. I usually have that magnet posted on my fridge, but considering that I don’t have a fridge right now, my magnets are in the closet. Winston, you read my mind.  So I smiled and forged ahead.

Then I came across a list of what I thought were inspirational movies to watch … underdogs. You know fictional people or based-on-a-true-story people living a crappy life and then turning it around like the Pursuit of Happiness, October Sky, and Shawshank Redemption. I wasn’t a homeless unemployed single parent, although I could be. I wasn’t living in a small miner town getting my dream squashed, although dream squashing runs rampant over here. And I wasn’t falsely imprisoned forced to cook the books for the warden. Yeah … no prison time here. I thought … well I guess things could be worse. But they all made it, despite their crappy existences. I thought, I love these movies … this is what I am. I am the underdog lover.

I wish for a better existence, which is why I probably had the meltdown. Maybe wives and mothers with two kids that have a nanny, chef, personal shopper, and cleaning lady don’t have meltdowns, if they do it’s probably over their dry cleaning not being ready on time.  I wish I had dry cleaning to drop off, but then maybe my life wouldn’t be as funny. Underdogs … we’re a bad-ass species. Funny too.

So I realized I was grateful for underdog stories.

Surviving …how did I get here?

1 Jan

You wonder how it happens to you. I mean, you planned for something else your entire life…something…anything but this….but then just when you think things can’t get any worse…they do, and you hear things like…”well at least you’ve got your health?”

You think…I exercise, I eat right, I take care of myself …dude…. I should have my health. There’s no “at least” about it. That should be a given right? You feel like you’re living in a Spanish soap opera from Univsion or Telemundo and you’re not even the good looking one. You wish for something else, but there ain’t no genie here.

No…Not here in the middle of this thing I call life.

Did I take a wrong turn? No. I followed the rules went to one of the best schools in the state but with this economy could only get job offers for selling insurance, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but with the jobs I do want I continue to get the you’re “over qualified” speech, or the it’s-not-you-it’s-me letter. But I’ve still got my health, right?  So you look for other solutions to get you through the day, week, month, or year. Some justification. You’re searching like crazy for Tony Robbins to pop out of an elevator and wave his magic wand and then you find IT in a country song, and you’re not even from Texas, Oklahoma, or Tennessee. You’re Guatemalan and you live in California dude. But there it was … Winston Churchill said it first but Rodney Atkins added sabor!

“If You’re Going Through Hell…Keep on Going”

And there it was. I’ve got to find humor in the little things so that my wrinkles don’t accumulate or the gray hairs don’t multiply. There’s not enough Oil of Olay or Nice-n-Easy to help me out. So I’ve got to bust a move. This is it. 365 days of trying not to lose it like George Costanza over the little and big things. I’m clinging to life without meds and using humor as my compass.  How did I get here? Who the hell knows…bad luck. But how do I survive? 365 days of “keep on going”. Giddy Up!