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Weekly Image of Life: Stories and Photographs

3 Nov

Classic Friday at Bob’s Big Boy


It’s like a scene from Happy Days

Every Friday night, they roll up in their classic cars and find a space on the lot.

Every Friday night, they share a beer or a burger.

Every Friday night, they all come together to tell stories.

Stories about where they’ve been.

Stories about where they’re going.

Stories about why they were built.

Stories about how they restored a nothing into a something.

Stories about the journey.

And it’s this story that catches my eyes and ears.

Click. Click. Click.

Snapshots of people’s stories.





Weekly Image of Life Challenge courtesy of This Man’s Journey.


Weekly Image of Life: Celebration

27 Oct


Celebrate friendship.

Celebrate college football.

Celebrate the post-game.

Celebrate with Framboise and other icy cold beverages.

Celebrate with The Band and its leader … Chantel.

Celebrate your inner youth.

Celebrate laughter.

Celebrate memories.

College reunions … a cause for celebration.

Hangovers … not so much.

However, this celebration still rocked.



Host of Weekly Image of Life Challenge: This Man’s Journey

Weekly Image of Life: Inspiration

29 Sep

Uluru, Australia


I have never been a morning person in my life.


But waking up knowing that I’d be spending the entire day here … that was definitely an inspiration.

It was almost five in the morning. It was about thirty degrees. And all I had on a long sleeve hooded cotton shirt. The thin kind.  I was freezing so much that my nose was running and I couldn’t stop shivering.

But I didn’t care.

Most definitely an inspiring adventure.








Host of Weekly Image of Life Challenge: This Man’s Journey