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Wisdom is Like CPR, I Need It Now Not Later

9 Nov


Image via Quotable Cards


This is the kind of wisdom I could really use when the event is actually happening … you know “at the time” … during the catastrophe. It would help decrease gray hair and wrinkles that come from stress and angst. Chocolate can only do so much.


There’s a Time for Dancing and a Time for Sitting.

22 Sep


Image via quotablecards.com


Dude. Sometimes you totally just need to sit one out because your umbrella is broken, there’s thunder, and lightening and you just fell off the curb, face down, and are now sitting in a knee-deep puddle of muddy water. There’s a time for dancing. There’s a time for getting your groove on. I know. I’ve done it plenty of times. But sometimes, you just have to sit one out. Nothing wrong with sitting one out. Just don’t sit too long. Get perspective, and then busta move. I’m sure the storm will still be there.