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Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

5 Oct


Breaking through boundaries is fun sometimes …



Weekly Photo Challenge courtesy of the Daily Post.



I’m Having Warrior Dash Withdrawals

16 Apr

Yeah. I’m suffering from Warrior Dash Syndrome. I’m having withdrawals. I’m craving a challenge. I was left with such an awesome feeling that I want to repeat it.

But I have to admit I don’t like running.

I feel like if I’m¬†not training for anything there shouldn’t be any sprinting involved. I feel like if no one is chasing me, there should not be any running within a five-mile radius. Running should have purpose. I need to find another race. Another challenge.

I’m on the lookout.

made specific for the triathlon wikipedia page...

made specific for the triathlon wikipedia page, made up of licenses images from wikimedia as well as a few of my own photos which I release to public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found a race I’ve done before. The Tin Man Triathlon. Not IronMan¬†… TinMan. The lightweight metal on the Periodic Table of Elements. Wait. I don’t even know if it’s on the Periodic Table of Elements. It’s sort of a metal-like substance. Well regardless of its lightweight status, it was one of the proudest athletic moments of my life, other than the Warrior Dash. It was on The Bucket List, and I was so happy to have crossed it out.

Could I do a repeat performance?


Training for the running and biking part was doable. Although while I was training for the biking portion of the race I was zooming along and a parked U-Haul came out of no where and sort of crashed into me while it was sitting there on the corner. I mean I saw it, but for some reason my brain didn’t send the message to my body parts and before you know it I was en route,¬†semi-airborne,¬†and smacked right into the back door of the U-Haul. It was a short trip. My body was up against¬†a¬†picture of¬†some walrus¬†and an interesting¬†Venture-Across-America-Did-You-Know fact, which wasn’t really interesting at the time.¬†

I had to take a minute to recuperate. Several actually.

So training is not super easy, but it’s not exceptionally difficult either. I made it through the race all right, until I hit the swimming part. I trained in my uncle’s pool, and well¬†seeing how there’s a rift in the family ever since my uncle passed away I’m pool-less.

Can I go to a public pool? Sure. Sure, but I have issues with swimming in urine. It’s just not for me. So this is my predicament.

I’d have to swim at least a couple of times before heading into the race. I mean how can you train for a triathlon and not splash around in a pool? How do you train for swimming when there’s no pool. Maybe I need a giant tub.

I don’t know. I mean I didn’t swim every day, and it showed when I got to the swimming portion as numerous people passed me. It got to the point where I was so tired that I stopped doing the freestyle and started doing the backstroke. For some reason that seemed easier to me and I went zooming along. Well not really zooming, more like Nemo, cruising the waters. I was pretty exhausted.

But I got my medal and I was ecstatic the entire day. My first triathlon. I felt badass.

Maybe doing my second one will feel even better.


345 is a Good Number … This is What the Warrior Dash Taught Me

2 Apr

At first glance 345 is a big number. It’s a lot of something. It’s¬†a lot of anything. Lottery tickets, days in a year, gray hair, pimples, hangovers, consecutive starts in a football game, consecutive nights your kid keeps you awake … 345. It’s big sometimes.

But when I realized that I finished 345 out of 1309 in my Warrior Dash age group for chicks, I¬†didn’t think … damn there were 344 chicks who were better than me that day. 344 chicks who ran faster, climbed¬†stronger,¬†or crawled¬†better in the mud¬†than me and my 48:01 finish.

No, that’s not what went through my mind. I thought, today¬†I¬†ran better than 964 chicks.

964 costume-wearing, 50+ triathlon-racing badasses were not faster than 48:01. And even though it is not a record time, the 48:01 performance became a personal record. My first Warrior Dash, but definitely not my last.

And it felt good. Even though it would have been nice to have a running partner, it still felt good to accomplish something as awesome as the Warrior Dash. I patted myself on the back.

Anytime you¬†put genuine effort into something —¬†an event, art, a class, a relationship –there is a lesson, small or large, the lesson is there. Sometimes you don’t see it. Sometimes you don’t want to see it. Other times¬†the aha- moment or the oh-crap-moment is so obvious that¬†it slaps you in the face. The Warrior Dash happened to be one of those times.

Little and big accomplishments matter. These personal victories triumph over the nagging voices or dirty looks of the day. The 345 gives you a reason to smile when everything else goes wrong. It gives you something to clutch at, something that fuels you. It gives you¬†a medal in order to remind¬†you that you survived this bad-ass race and you’re a bad-ass for doing it.

345 gives you much needed bad-ass moments.

I realized that even though I am a mother of two and feel worn-out, run down, and weary every night, there is always time for me, at least thirty minutes a day for The Guat. 30 minutes of exercise. I have to work harder at it than most people in order¬†to get those thirty minutes. But¬†eventually I’ve got ’em and I don’t let them go to waste.

This 30-minute escape every day contributed to my Warrior Dash Saga and the adrenaline-rushing elation¬†I felt¬†when I ran¬†across the finish line. I might have been drenched in sweat from running 3.1 miles of rocky, hilly terrain. I might have been exhausted from conquering the Chaotic Crossover, Deadman’s Drop or Cargo Climb. I might¬†have been ready to drop to my¬†knees after the¬†Capsized Catamaran.¬†I might have been¬†soaked in mud from crawling under barbed wire, but I kept pushing and accomplished my goal and that made me happy.

Being reminded of accomplishments should make you happy, because everyone has an off day. So you need to remember your “bad-assness” and what¬†you did¬†to get there.

I learned¬†that if¬†I want something, I’ll make time for it, no matter what. I’ll find time, because in the end I know the end result of it all will be valuable. This is what the Warrior Dash Saga taught me.¬†Well … maybe I already knew all that, but perhaps the Warrior Dash reminded me.¬†So if I need to workout in the middle of the night, so be it.

Heading to the finish line

Finish lines are important. Finish lines are valuable.

345 is valuable.

My Warrior Update #5

20 Feb

I’m not sure I can thoroughly prepare for this week’s obstacle. I mean I think I’m a little late on this one.¬†I could have practiced when I was growing up at the neighborhood park, you know been like the other kids climbing that big geodome, but I wasn’t like¬†anybody else¬†…

There was no climbing in my neighborhood unless it was over a fence and even then it had to¬†be for a good reason i.e.¬†ditching school, running away from a suspect element,¬†or getting the last baseball¬†that got grand-slammed over the neighbor’s house, a regular Sandlot moment.¬†But see these were vertical climbs.

Leave it to The Warrior Dash to have something called The Horizontal Hike, where I am supposed to¬†“voyage over an arching obstruction”. Arching obstruction concerns me. Have you seen these geodomes¬†in kiddie playgrounds? I was never one to climb those things. I was more of a baseball diamond chick, hoops¬†b-baller¬†lady, and volleyball Karch¬†Kiraly/Sinjin¬†Smith chica. I had no time to be falling through holes in playground climbing equipment. I fell on the field, much more dignified and athletic like.

I rock climbed a few times.¬†I get a good grip, but once again — vertical. And incidentally it’s attached to a rock — a piece of¬†Earth —¬†and you’re attached to a harness and rope. Geodomes … no rock. No climbing equipment. Just¬†a man-made wobbly structure made of metal, where I imagine if you slip, it¬†might be¬†painful. Metal, like wood, hurts and knowing my track record for¬†being gravity challenged,¬†I might need some ice packs and Ben Gay¬†on demand.

But you never know, I could crawl over this thing like Spiderman and move on unscathed. It could happen. I got the power of positive thinking and visualization. It happens to golfers all the time. I just have to use this mentality while I’m out of breath, tired, weak-kneed, dripping of sweat, nervous, and prepared to “voyage” over¬†an obstruction. Although adding some more push-ups to my workout couldn’t hurt.

Definitely possible. Dude … I’m an athlete. I drink Gatorade.



I Have The Music in Me … Sometimes a Little Bit Too Much

17 Feb

¬†A friend recently asked me why I didn’t use music when I worked out.¬†She told me that studies say¬†music was supposed to pump you up when you worked out. She’s the friend that constantly gives me information on what studies say, but never tells me where it was studied and who studied it. It sounds official I guess…studies say. I think I’m going to start using that just randomly … like¬†studies say chocolate is good for weight loss. Stuff like that.

English: iPod line, September 2010

Image via Wikipedia


Anyhow I explained to her that there were two types of work-outs: the gym and the Great Outdoors. Since I am economically challenged at the moment, I exercise surrounded by mother nature. If I was at the gym I would probably use some sort of musical device MP3 player, iPod, Walkman maybe. If you can believe it, I still have one. But since I workout outdoors, it is a non issue.

She asks whether or not I get tired faster with no music, whether my energy level trickles down to low.

There are three reasons why I can’t work out with music. One: crazy slasher Jack-the-Ripper attackers. As I mentioned before I grew up in a tough inner-city neighborhood and whether you’re on the sidewalk or on the track you don’t want music blasting in your ears. I need to be aware of my surroundings and can’t have some pervert sneaking up on me. I’ve got to have all my senses on alert day or night. Especially if I decide to go hiking. Someone can come from behind and just throw me off the cliff and be off with my merengue playlist. Or if I do get attacked I might end up killing the dude with my Hapkido skills and then I get arrested. Not cool.

Second: I’m doing the Warrior Dash. There’s mud and murky waters involved. That music device will drown. And on top of that I’ll need to stay focused¬†as all my energy will be directed to keeping¬†my balance throughout many obstacles. I can’t concentrate while JJ Fad‘s Supersonic or Slick Rick‘s Children’s Story is blasting in my ear. I’m the kind of person who has to lower the volume on the radio when I’m parking into a tight spot.¬†Concentration is essential, especially for this race.

Third: I’ve got the music in me…sometimes a little bit too much.¬†It’s dangerous. One minute I’m sprinting down the field, the next I’m dancing like Bruno Mars at the Grammys. I got the old school in me. I got funk. I got merengue. I got cumbias … La Sonora Dinamita … watch out. I hear the trumpets, the tambores, the timbales,¬†guacharaca, and then … that cow bell. It’s on. My New Balance shoes stop running and my hips start to swivel. I’m like a washing machine swishing myself down the track. There’s no running. The power of Capullo¬†y Sorullo¬†and¬†Mi Cucu put an end to that.¬†There’s arm pumping, hip swaying, fine footwork, the shoulder shimmy and sweet spin moves. I tried running two miles with music and instead I danced my way around 800 meters. It’s like I was ¬†performing on Sabado Gigante.

So needless to say at the moment I need to stay focused. If it was a triathlon … maybe I’d consider music, but this Warrior Dash is serious. Sometimes I’ve just got too much rhythm.

Giddy up!

My Warrior Update #4 … An Unexpected Side Effect

13 Feb

All right. All right. All right. Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig¬†and The Biggest Loser¬†people don’t be upset. It just happened. I didn’t mean for it, I didn’t plan on it. It just happened. I know that’s sounds like a line from Melrose Place, Dallas, or Dynasty. But it’s the truth. I don’t blame you for being upset. I’d get upset at writers who say “yeah it just happened. I didn’t plan on it, but¬†it just¬†fell into my lap¬†and I got a chance to write an episode of Mad Men and now I have an Emmy.” And here I am still a struggling writer.

What is that?


I completely understand if you send me hate mail. But just don’t get crazy.

In all this training and muscle pumping¬†for The Warrior Dash, it didn’t even occur to me that I’d be losing weight. It was an unexpected side effect, like hair loss. But apparently this side effect is good for your health. I didn’t plan on it, but there it was … ten pounds lighter and counting. My face is slender, my arms are sculpted,¬†and my legs are toned. But if it makes you feel better my pants are still tight and my stomach muscles do not resemble a six-pack at all.

I didn’t think of my workouts as weight-loss workouts but more of don’t-fall-on-your-face-at-the-race workouts —¬†conditioning so that I’d outrun the sixty-year old Ironman chick racing beside me. I guess the anticipation of¬†competition just pushed me.¬†I don’t want to be last. And that’s how it happened. I lost weight the sneaky way. But losing weight¬†or going down a dress size (even though I don’t wear dresses I’ve gone down a size, so if I chose to I¬†could wear a smaller one) was not my ultimate goal. ¬†Surviving those crazy obstacles in one piece is my main concern.

Stuff like the “Teetering Traverse” … yeah that definitely requires something. In this obstacle I’m supposed to teeter my way through a soaring track. Teeter … move unsteadily or unsurely … wobble. I’m supposed to wobble across¬†a series of boards … like walking¬†the plank multiple times.¬†However, before reaching this test I’d run about¬†a mile and hopefully survived a handful of obstacles.

Teetering … my whole life is teetering. You’d think I’d be good at that…but balance is not my strongest suit as many of you know… I’m a professional “faller” — forwards, backwards, up and down. I’m sure if I put my mind to it, I could remember falling sideways too.

Yoga … I should take up yoga.

My Warrior Update #3

6 Feb

Feeling The Warrior take shape within my Guatemalan body, regardless of the chaos, it¬†envelopes me¬†… inch by inch.

I’m on about four hours sleep a night because the baby is teething and my son has the flu. I feel like the Un-Bionic Woman¬†when I wake up.¬† I can find every excuse not to train, not to run, not to build muscle. There are plenty, including my son’s old Chicco Travel System Stroller that the baby currently uses. It’s not a racing, high-tech Ironman running stroller with an extra¬†absorbent suspension system that provides a smooth lightweight ride. It’s clunky, you feel every pebble,¬†and the¬†front-right wheel desperately needs WD-40 every time I hit the track.¬†But¬†it holds babies up to 30 pounds, not that my kid is 30 pounds yet. But it works fine for walking the dog, not so much for running and keeping the baby¬†asleep at the same time.

Every excuse crosses my mind, but¬†then I think of the obstacles awaiting me on this 3.1 mile extravaganza,¬†and I just grab the WD-40, my New Balance,¬† and hit the track. Conditioning¬†and upper-body strength is a big part of this race, however they do throw a curve ball at you with a few obstacles that you can’t really prepare for, unless you watch the¬† Fear Factor or something.

Slithering Swamp. This little encounter says I am to “venture into unknown murky waters.” That’s it. I not a big fan of gloomy or obscure water. I think of the movie Stand By Me every time and I don’t want to end up like Gordie. Leeches suck, literally and figuratively. I think this will be the sprinting portion of the race for me. Flo Jo here I come.

Deadweight Drifter appears to be similar to Slithering Swamp, however they’ve decided to have me “trudge through waist-deep water and over logs.” Over logs being the key words here. This will be a challenge. I don’t think I can do this on land, let alone water. So I’ve taken to practice this hurdle and adding ankle weights, perhaps that will help my quads bust out of the water like an¬†Navy SEAL.

Whatever the results, all I want to do is not eat it more than once in these murky waters. I don’t care about dirt under my fingernails, I was an athlete, a jock…but the¬†George McFly in me just isn’t a fan of murky.

Giddy Up!

My Warrior Update #2

31 Jan

I don’t feel any sculpting developing here.¬† I feel soreness and backaches. Normal for a 35-year old body in training, but I consider myself an athlete so I’m a little disappointed in my muscle metamorphosis, but I’ve got two more months to physically transform into a Warrior.¬†

Warrior Dash

This week I decided to change it up a bit as¬†it dawned on me that¬†this race is¬†not going to take place on a smooth¬†all-weather polyurethane¬†track. There will probably be elevation changes, dirt, rocks,¬†gravel…all kinds of mother nature obstructions other than the Warrior obstacles. So I went hiking, which when you think of it is really just walking quickly¬†up a mountain. I should have gone running up there, but considering the shin splints I got the next day I think walking briskly was the better choice.¬†What a¬†wimp!¬†Apparently I overloaded my shinbone and the connective tissue with excessive force. So I took¬†two days off to recover.

During my 48-hour training hiatus I decided to work on my muscles in order to prepare for the Rubber Ricochet and Muddy Mayhem obstacles. In the Rubber Ricochet I must “ram my way through a rubber jungle” composed of old Goodyears¬†and Michelins. But what I didn’t understand was whether people would be shoving me into these tires, or the tires would be swinging on their own, either way it sounds painful. I won’t be wearing football pads or anything, so I focused on¬†biceps. I mean I don’t look like Angela Bassett in What’s Love Got To Do With It, but I feel the seeds of strength planted.

I’ll probably also need upper body strength during¬†Muddy Mayhem in addition to quad muscles. In this little adventure I scramble in the mud underneath barbed wire. I’ll probably need arm muscles to keep my face from drowning in the mud, but not too high or I’ll find myself getting stabbed by the sharp edges usually used to restrain cattle. Sounds like Semper Fi training, but I’m not even close to Armed Forces material. I should practice crawling, I guess.

In any case the training continues, the cardio commences, and ten obstacles to go. Giddy up!

My Warrior Update

23 Jan

I was energized…could’ve come out in a Gatorade commercial. I laced up my New Balance and worked out every day, making up for my minor set back a couple of weeks¬†ago. And then the weekend hit…and it was over. No workouts squeezed in the early mornings or late evenings. It was a rough one, two kid parties, massive fruit roll-ups, and cake. Not just any cake…red velvet cake. Do you know how much butter is in that? Ooohhhhhhhhhh. Butter.

And now…here I am eating Doritos with sour cream and making a permanent imprint of my butt on the couch.¬†I don’t even buy Doritos.¬†For some reason they happen to be in the pantry and all of sudden I had flashbacks of late night study sessions in college and bam…half the bag was gone.¬† What is that? That’s completely not Warrior mentality. That’s fat-ass mentality.

Warrior Dash

I mean do I honestly think that the Warrior Dash is gonna be easy. Dude no. No. I needed to “scared-straight” myself because missing three days can become a week, then two. So I visited the website again and studied the 13 obstacles that await me. I’m doing some push-ups tonight. Maybe even the Doctor Oz Seven Minute Workout. Something.

But incidentally,¬†other than my quick workout, I just have to break it down. I’ll start with my first challenge.

Obstacle #1: Satan’s Steps

I don’t know about this title. Being Catholic and all, I think the odds are stacked against me… but the fact that I fell UP the stairs, well that can’t be good either.¬†I’m supposed to “scamper across staggering steps”. Scamper.¬†Run nimbly? Dude. That is a challenge for me. I just need to put¬†one foot in front of the other. That’s it. I think I’ll practice running up some stairs or as I did in my high school days …”bleachers”. Run the stadium bleachers develop my quads, so that I can scamper. But right now, game plan is to do this challenge slooooooooowwwwwwwwwly. Because with me I can fall up or down.

Giddy up!

Finding Wonder Woman

10 Jan

Living at your mother’s definitely adds anxiety to your life. I mean you’ve built up an immunity shield but it’s not as strong as those Wonder Woman bracelets that deflect bullets. That’s something that needs to be bottled. I’d buy a Costco-size pack of those. I mean there are good days, however the bad days leave you with an emotional hangover that make you feel like you’ve been living here for years. You need to spin around like Lynda Carter and find your inner Wonder Woman to feel invincible in this environment.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, displaying her a...

Image via Wikipedia

So in an effort to get distracted, not that I’m not already with two kids and a thousand chores but a good kind of distraction, I’ve decided to run a race.  I’ve done a triathlon before and I was interested in doing another one, until I came across something called The Warrior Dash. Have you seen this craziness?  

I came across the site and even though the race is about three miles, it’s like a decathlon in the mud. I’m on a mission to¬†get in shape and train so I don’t eat it or break anything.¬†Every obstacle seems tough, but the scariest sounding is Satan’s Steps. I mean is he gonna be there to push me off, or what? Because I can tell you right now, I don’t need help falling, I do it all the time without practice.¬†However, the¬†obstacle that¬†worries me the most is Warrior Roast. This involves fire and I’m not Tommy Gavin. I mean¬†fire is¬†something you try to avoid your entire life because of third degree burns and well the heat and pain stemming from that.¬†But this is it. I’ll be jumping over logs of fire.¬†Well if I make it that far…they got wall climbing, tangled nets, monstrous rubber tires, barbed wire, and waist-deep murky waters.¬†

I think I’ll need to do some extra¬†push-ups¬†… that and Glucosamine.¬†High potency, clinincally tested to maintain my joints. Maybe some lunges and squats too. I should visit that chick Jillian Michaels‘s¬†website. She seems badass.¬†No Wonder Woman needed.¬†Giddy up!