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Trouble Changed My Night

10 Feb


Hanging on by my last piece of chocolate and nowhere near tip-top shape, I was sinking pretty quickly last week. It seems that I was not alone as a couple of friends were also on the throw-me-a-lifesaver vibe.

And usually when chocolate doesn’t work I go to my pick-me-up song Oooh Child by The Five Stairsteps. But before I could log on to my computer and listen to this classic tune, Trouble changed my night.

I had never seen Trouble before, but it definitely flipped my switch.

It juiced up my existence again. I remembered I’m not just Guat  … I’m a Ninja Triathlete Warrior. I’m a future Barnes & Noble Best Seller. I’m a Super Soul Sunday Engineer.  I’m a Human Spirit Adventure Developer. I am Spartacus.

The passion and energy jumped out at me and after watching this performance on The Tonight Show I didn’t feel all that crappy anymore. The fact that my life blueprint wasn’t matching my current existence didn’t seem too overwhelming at the moment. I got a zest of energy to take action. To do something.

It was the adrenaline shot I needed to get through the nightly malaise that almost took my sleep.

So I thank you Vintage Trouble wherever you are … you lit a fire under my ass and a fateful return to a better state of mind.

I think you’ve earned a spot on my morning run playlist.