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I Gave Jim a High-Five

13 Jan

There she was in her black stretchy pants, oversized sweater, tattered hair that needed a Pantene makeover and still sporting the remains of yesterday’s eyeliner and mascara.

Must’ve been a rough night.

Yup there she was behind me.

Waiting in line ...

Waiting in line …

Now supermarket protocol states that when you’re behind someone in line, you don’t cut in front of them and put your groceries down. This is universal standing in line protocol that applies to all kinds of lines. Banks. Pharmacies. Movie theaters. Theme parks. Fast food joints. Even at Starbucks.

You wait your turn.

Something you learned in kindergarten, but seeing how kids are so advanced nowadays they probably learn it in preschool.

Anyhow seeing how I’ve been feeling under the weather, and heavily influenced by Theraflu, I tend to move a little bit slower than usual.

But not that slow blonde-lady-who-cut-in-line-in-front-of-me-at-Trader-Joes.

It took me moment to realize what had just transpired. But after watching her park her cart in the on-deck circle of grocery lines, I searched my cloudy brain for the right words.

“Hey, hey, hey wait-a-minute-one-second. Dude what are you doing?”


“What do you mean what? You can’t just be cutting in line.”

“Well you’re suppose to put your stuff on the small counter.”

“I’m supposed to be standing in line behind this guy respecting his personal space as he’s still unloading groceries. That’s where I’m supposed to be and seeing how you were behind me, you’re supposed to be over there,” I said pointing to the spot where she should have been standing.

A normal person would have remembered their whole New Year’s I’m-gonna-be-a-better-person resolution and apologize for their lapse in judgement and back on up. However she stood there with her cart on the on-deck circle.

I stood in front of her.

Here we were … In a Mexican Standoff on aisle two of Trader Joes.

And this is where Jim came along.

I don’t know if he saw this transpire, or if the universe was conspiring with me, or if he was just up next, but with his most awesome smile and wave, this Hawaiian shirt wearing dude waved me over.

“I’ll take you over here miss, on the next line. You were next.” He said.

I smiled and grabbed my stuff.

Karma had worked its magic because Jim was an awesome way to start a Monday morning. His smile, his demeanor, and his awesome little anecdote about the chocolate I was buying made me forget all about black stretchy pants chick, who was still on the on-deck spot because the dude before us was paying with a check, and he was still writing it out. Jim rang up my stuff and I was on my way.

Black stretchy pants was still waiting.

I turned around and gave Jim a high-five.



Laverne … My Friday Night Savior

19 Jul

They did it again. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. They never let me down, except for their small parking lots. But other than that they always come through.  Trader Joe’s you made this lazy person very happy. Well lazy might not be very accurate … exhausted. Yeah … that’s it. Exhausted. You made this pooped-out person in need of Vitameatavegamin very happy.

It had been a long day of Lego Building, DreamWorks Turbo watching and Chuck E. Cheese adventuring.

I was done.

The day was packed with birthday promises I had made last week. And today those promises were cashed in by my five-year old and two-year old. And let me tell you Chuck E. Cheese may be the place where a kid can be a kid, but it’s definitely a place where moms like me run out of fuel after two hours, even when the place is not crowded. It’s just a whole lot of fun, games, and ha-ha moments going around. At the end of all those games and rides, we earned enough tickets for two Slinkys and a lollipop.

And as I drove home I saw it creeping up on me … dinner time.


There would be no cooking going on tonight. Friday night, after a movie and Chuck E. Cheese extravaganza? No. I was running on empty.

I could’ve gone back to my college days at that point and had a Cup O’ Noodles and I would have been fine. But that didn’t really seem nutritious enough for my kids. Luckily there were leftovers. Dude never underestimate leftovers. The Food Network can definitely help you rock out whatever is in your fridge. However upon further examination I realized that there was just enough baked chicken for the kids. So it looked like I would have to make a trip to Trader Joe’s. And luckily there were still some samples.

And let me tell you Sample Lady you play an important role in my supermarket shopping experience. It’s critical. It’s vital. It’s free. You provide me with free … something you know I am a big fan of. You expose me to new culinary adventures and for this one … I thank you.

The healthy deliciousness that I met at TJs

The healthy deliciousness that I met at TJs

I never would have thought of buying it on my own. I was hanging out in the frozen food section before I went over to the next aisle. And that’s where I saw you Laverne … in your Trader Joes Hawaiian shirt handing out the tiny Dixie cups of deliciousness.

I never would have thought to buy something called a kale salad, but Laverne you totally changed my mind. Trader Joe’s Broccoli Slaw & Kale Salad With Chicken was my Friday night savior.

Laverne it had it all. I high-five you, Laverne. You’re awesome.

I ended up buying two.