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Fire Me Up Fridays

7 Mar

It clicked. It surged. It boosted my battery. It recharged my spirit.

“Don’t become satisfied with something that should only encourage that you are in the right spot.”

Don’t stop at encouragement … keep looking for satisfaction.

Even if your life blueprint doesn’t match your current existence, even if you feel stuck in your George Costanza zone … it’s just temporary. It may feel like forever when you’re in it day in and day out, but it’s not forever. I have my bad days, plenty of them, but realized that I shouldn’t let the how’s of my existence erase the who that I am. The how … it still troubles me, most definitely, but my who remains in tact.

Don’t settle … you’ll get there.

“The elevator to success is broken, so you’re gonna have to take the stairs.”

Yeah. So lace up your shoes. It’ll take you longer to get there, but you’ll get there. Me too.



I tell you … I got fired up Friday and Sugarland kept the flames burning.