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It Hit Me … Well It Smacked Me In The Face, Really …

17 Feb

Sometimes you think, when is it gonna hit me?

When am I going to see it!

When is it going to be something obvious … something I’m not just grasping at, but something real that was meant for me. A nudge in the right direction. A push. A shove really. I was looking for a shove.

You see a movie or spend endless hours binge watching something on Netflix and you get juiced up. A character says something and you have that moment where you feel it and say yeah … I got this. You’re motivated, you sit at the computer and ideas — the good, the bad and the ugly — start flowing. You feel like you’re on a roll, but after a couple of days it fizzles out because the life of diapers, LEGOs, superheroes, Dr. Seuss, OxyClean, Ajax, and your presence in the 10 items or less line interrupts your creative flow. You become weary and exhausted and all you want to do at the end of the day is hang out with your chocolate, watch reruns of Seinfeld, and take some me time to laugh at the Costanza moments of your day.

But then you remember your goals, you remember what your finish line should be and try to get motivated.

So again you go in search of a sign … of something. You remember that Thelma-Louise, Clear-Eyes-Full-Hearts feeling you had at the beginning of the year and try to cling to it. You remember your Tony Robbins moment where you juiced up all your titles and felt pumped. You were on the path.

But still … you had nothing, and maybe it had to do with that chocolate coma you were in over the weekend that hasn’t really worn off. Or maybe you’re just being a lazyass and need some fire again.

You look for a sign, but know that eventually you’ll  get back on track, however the loss of time burns you out.

So you go on about your day.

You work out in the mornings.

You get through the crazy chaos of getting ready for school and packing snacks.

You return to begin your appointment with Scrubbing Bubbles and the Swiffer.

You take a smoothie break while perfecting your best Play-Doh pancake and then follow it up with sipping the most awesome pretend tea that your daughter has made with her Sesame Street Tea Set.

You venture outdoors and avoid the Mommy-And-Me-Mafia at toddler story time.

You race to pick up your son from kindergarten and hope the PTA clan doesn’t take up all the parking.

Your kids still seem to have too much energy and feel the need to hang out at the park. So after an hour of swings, twirly slides, and pretend obstacle courses that earned them gold medal status, we head back home.

And then BAM!

This is where it happened.

You asked for it.

You didn’t think it be this obvious.

But it was.

There it was … up in sky … the sign.


Start Creating ... Can you believe that? I think my dad was talking to me.

Start Creating … Can you believe that? I think my dad was talking to me.


Dude …

It hit me.

It smacked me in the face, really.

I had no words, only smiles, a sense of how-cool-is-that, and inspiration.

Yeah … that one was definitely for me.

No confusion about it.

That was a sign … maybe from my dad.