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Sometimes Sharing Can Be Difficult

24 Jan
Image via LeFunny.net

Image via LeFunny.net


I can see how this can happen.

The power of chocolate is quite amazing.

You know on a bad day it’s the one thing that’s powerful enough to make me stop and exhale … just exhale.

It doesn’t really make the problem go away, but for some reason if I can’t get to a swimming pool or find any form of outdoor athletic exercise it seems to help. It’s the emergency release valve for my system.

So I could see how people are protective over their chocolate. I figure if you’re going through some kind of midlife-Costanza-phase-crisis, chocolate is of the utmost importance. In fact I’m pretty sure there’s a study out there by some university revealing that married people, or anyone in a relationship for that matter, tend to consume more chocolate than anyone other type of people on Earth. Relationships are stressful and you definitely need an emergency valve. Definitely. So sharing can be a bit difficult.