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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

16 Oct

Big — Tom Hanks


Hanging out on the couch watching this movie with my Uncle Erick on a VCR — yes back then I had a VCR.

Hanging out wishing I had a big piano like that.

Hanging out wishing that when I “grew up” I’d have a job like Josh Baskin.

Hanging out and my Uncle Erick cracking up because I knew the song…

Down down baby, down down the roller coaster.

Sweet sweet baby, sweet sweet don’t let me go.

Shimmy shimmy coco pop, shimmy shimmy rock.

Shimmy shimmy coco pop, shimmy shimmy rock.

I met a girlfriend- a triscuit, she said a triscuit-a biscuit,

ice cream soda pop, vanilla on the top

Oooohh Shalida, walking down the street, ten times a week

I meant it. I said it. I stole my mama’s credit.

I’m cool. I’m hot.

Sock you in the stomach three more times.

The 80s. They were pretty Big with me.