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What Happened to My Show? Writers Are TV Worthy Too.

8 Oct

Something’s missing.

They got The Voice, America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef and a couple of other shows I’m sure that I haven’t mentioned where people showcase their talent in order to get a little bit closer to their dream.

Then you have crappy shows with a bunch of jackasses, families, and desperate housewives that aren’t really wives putting their drama and fake personalities out there just to get noticed. Just to get their 15 minutes when all they really need is 15 seconds.

As you can tell I’m more of a drama or comedy series type of person. I’m not a big fan of reality television or contest type of shows. However there is one that  I actually do watch occasionally: The Voice. The only reason why I watch it is because of that tall, blue-eyed country hunk Blake Shelton. He really does it for me. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 isn’t bad on the eyes either.

However something’s still missing, and I’m waiting.

I’m waiting for the writing show.

What’s up? Writers are people too. We’re interesting. We’re good-looking. We’ve got  talent. We’re dramatic and funny.

I’m waiting. I’m waiting for some Project Greenlight kind of magic to happen. Something where agent-less writers like myself who don’t know anybody in “the business” get a chance … a chance to get one step closer to their dream. Although Project Greenlight was more of a directing competition instead of the writer thing.

But I guess there’s a reason for that. Writers don’t want to be in front of the camera. We’re all good being behind the scenes, and it has nothing to do with the fact that we wear Costco sweatpants to our “office” a.k.a. the couch or Starbucks. It’s the writing process. It may not bring in the big ratings. A chick typing on her laptop in the middle of the night may not be as interesting as a family dealing with a sex-tape scandal and botox appointments.  I guess it would be hard to make the process of writing interesting for television viewers to watch. Most of the time we just sit there and stare at the screen. Although it may look like nothing, we’re actually doing a lot. Thinking.

Maybe that’s why blogging was invented. Maybe that’s why we’re on Word Press. It’s not a contest and it’s not reality television, however we look forward to making that Freshly Pressed page and getting the exposure. Our little 15 minutes of fame. But even without that there’s a lot of drama, comedy, tragedy, travel, and adventure out here in the “blogosphere.” And anybody can have access to it. Anybody, from anywhere can just click on your post and read. I mean even from places like Latvia.



I had to look that one up on a map. I knew it was in Europe somewhere, but exactly where … didn’t have a clue. It’s near the Baltic Sea.

So I guess there’s a silver lining to not having a writer’s reality TV competition … no one will see you in your Costco sweatpants and no annoying TV Show host. Although I’d put up with an annoying cheesy smiling fake dude if it meant one step closer to the dream. But until then I got Word Press and the blogosphere, which apparently extends all the way to Latvia.

Giddy up!

This is Blake Shelton’s Fault

4 Mar

I was one of “the last Mohicans” …  until Blake Shelton. Do you know this tall drink of water?

 All About Tonight (Blake Shelton extended play)

I first heard him on the country air waves in 2004 when he sang “Some Beach” … then fell in love with him when he sang “Home” a couple of years later. Now I’m just a full-blown fan. He makes my knees wobbly. So I blame this conversion on him.

I didn’t necessarily despise reality television, but let’s just say I didn’t like it.I reeeeally didn’t like it. 

As a writer, I enjoy watching quality television. Real television: drama or comedies. Shows where there are writers, plots, and character arcs. Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Justified, White Collar, Person of Interest, Seinfeld … you know shows of that nature.

I wasn’t fond of watching the lives of chicks with too much makeup and absolutely no talent. I was not even aware of why people were interested the lives of “Housewives…” regardless of where they lived. I am probably the only person on earth that doesn’t like the fake drama of Bravo TV, or of Survivor. I’m not a fan of all those singing or dancing competitions either, I mean honestly how many American Idols or X Factors can you watch? I couldn’t. I needed more shows like Lost. I wasn’t a TV snob or anything, I watch sports. I just wasn’t a fan of that type of television… it didn’t call to me.

And then last year I saw my tall drink of water on something called The Voice, and I thought: dude, how could you? How could you betray me like this?

It was yet another singing competition, but this one had a twist … no horrible, fake singers at the beginning to boost ratings. There were quality singers in something called blind auditions. The coaches have their backs turned and can’t see the singers, only hear them, basing their decision to select them solely on their voice … thus the title. It’s different. But still, I thought … dude … c’mon. What are you doing?

Then I watched a couple of episodes last year and saw my tall drink of water interact with the other coaches, and it was funny. The talent was actually good. The coaches helped out the contestants and provided constructive advice instead of just clapping and using empty words. The host wasn’t annoying, either. Then I saw Blake perform … and I was hooked.

Honey Bee (Blake Shelton song)

Image via Wikipedia

So after the Super Bowl this year, I watched it. I had become a reality tv fan, granted it was just the one show and I was undercover, but soon I would be outed. 

One night I thought everyone had fallen asleep early and my dude came downstairs and caught me watching it.

 What are you doing? Are you watching Cinemax?

What? No.

Why’d you change it so fast?

I was caught. I didn’t know what to say. I hit the “previous channel” button on the remote. He noticed the singers and raised an eyebrow. Then he saw Blake Shelton and smiled.

I’m watching something called The Voice.

He shook his head.

You’re watching Blake.

I laughed. This was definitely Blake Shelton’s fault.

Now you can find me on Monday nights hurrying to put the kids to sleep. Rushing downstairs taking hold of the remote control, ready to see what Blake and the other coaches have in store for me. This Monday battlerounds begin. I’ll be on the couch, rocky road on hand, and relaxing with my secret undercover reality TV pleasure.

 Do you have any undercover reality TV pleasures?