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Just Forget About It

9 Sep

Image via quotablecards.com


After having such a good day yesterday, today brought about unexpected crappiness, and I had no chocolate for this roller-coster ride. Not even in the emergency stash. I guess I had raided that a while back. Sometimes I wish there was an instruction manual for life. Dude, a 3×5 cheat sheet would do.


But it’s dark now, and the stars are out, which means I need to recharge. I found this card and was glad I did. I might not have chocolate, but I got Emerson’s words, a bottle of Framboise, and AMC television. Although I might make a late-night run. Just to be safe. I don’t want to have any relapses.


I’m Sticking With Josh Lucas and Ralph Waldo Emerson on This One

18 Jul

Josh Lucas … ohhhh … Josh Lucas. Well Josh Lucas and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Unlikely pairing?

Yes … yes it is.

Image via nbc.com/the-firm/

But it was John Grisham. He was to blame. First for writing the book then for being the executive producer on the show. Yeah there was a movie, Tom Cruise, Ed Harris, and Holly Hunter come out in it, but the show is where Lucas and Emerson were paired up.

The Firm. I’m talking about The Firm.

Now you might think that I get most of my life lessons from television, but I don’t. I mean maybe I watch too much TV late at night. But in truth it’s the only time I get a chance to unwind and relax. It’s all quiet except for the drama I saved on the DVR and my dog’s snoring. It’s too bad you can’t get Breathe Right Strips for dogs, because she definitely snoozes it, come midnight.

In any case, it’s my time of peace during a day-long chaos. Even if I have to wait until midnight to get it. I wait. The under-eye circles that hide behind my sunglasses the next day are worth it.

So while I’m actually sitting still at midnight and the place is quiet, I enjoy getting lost in the drama and story of others, and The Firm happens to be one of the shows I check out. It’s not Breaking Bad, The Wire, or Sons of Anarchy, but it’s still pretty good. Plus it’s got Josh Lucas and I really can’t go wrong with that. Josh.

This week something that Lucas said resonated with me, but it wasn’t something his character came up with, it was Emerson.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment. “

His character said something to that effect when talking to his brother. Then Lucas saw Emerson’s quote framed in a judge’s chambers. Had to be Grisham … had to be.

In any case it got me thinking about all the little comments people say to you, either just to get under your skin and be jackasses, or because that’s how they see you.  And it makes you angry, and then sad because the people closest to you are supposed to know you better than anyone. But sometimes that’s not the case.

They say stupid things, and what’s worse, sometimes they say it in Spanish and Spanish just intensifies the meaning of every word. Case in point…

I love you … te amo

Stupid … Estupido

You’re so kind to me … Eres tan carinosa conmigo

You’re so cold … Eres tan fria

Son of a bitch … Hija de la gran puta

See? Intense.

Well in any case after a couple of comments that I chose not to respond to, I thought about Emerson’s quote during my midnight quiet time. Some people may see you a certain way, no matter how wrong they may be and sometimes they know they’re wrong. But they still do it. Either way it’s good to remind yourself to ignore comments of that nature. Those comments probably have more to do with the other person’s issue other than how they see you.

In any case it’s best to continue being yourself, and fight off those comments with Wonder-Woman-like superpowers, unless you’re a jackass and you know it. In that case, the world is trying to tell you something.

But I’m not a jackass. So I’m going to stick with Lucas and Emerson on this one.