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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

8 Jan
Laemmle Theaters

Laemmle Theatres


Some people call them resolutions … they resolve.

Resolve to lose weight.

Resolve to quit drinking.

Resolve to stop smoking.

I don’t have resolve.

I have plans, promises, thoughts, guidelines, projects … hope. I had hope.

Hope for sanity.

Hope for quiet.

Hope for peace.

Hope for humor.

Hope for rejuvenation.

Hope for recognizing yourself again.

What does this all add up to?

Hope for me time.

And in week one of 2013 … hope was granted.

Ticket for one please.


One is awesome when you’re a mother of two, working 14-hour shifts, being a chef, a laundry folder, a dishwasher, a bathroom cleaner, a taxi driver, Lego truck builder, fun maker, Great Outdoors adventurer, diaper changer, bubble bath maker, and story reader.

That’s me. All day, every day.

Laemmle Theatres represent me time. Two hours of me time.

Ticket for one please.


Me time … the great hope in 2013.


Daily Prompt Challenge: Me Time

15 Dec
Image via public-domain-photos.com

Image via public-domain-photos.com


For some people Saturday mornings would require a nice cup of coffee and the newspaper, sometimes sitting in your kitchen nook, other times hanging out at Starbucks.

However, the ideal Saturday morning for The Guat would entail not being woken up at four, six, and seven in the morning by a one-year old who has not mastered the concept of sleep. Then jumped on by a four-year old, who had no fear of gravity, who wants to watch Nickelodeon and the Sprout Channel on your television.

The ideal morning for The Guat requires “me time” … me time with a soft pillow, a warm comforter, a cozy bed, and a sound-proof room until nine in the morning. Nine. I’d like to sleep in until nine and then go for a nice swim. If I had a pool I’d go for a swim, but I don’t so traveling to the beach is the next best thing. To the beach, to eat a breakfast picnic by the ocean, and to relax to the sounds of my favorite music.

This did not happen today. Mom life hijacked the morning.

Saturday morning “me time” is an essential part of my existence that rarely gets practiced.

I’m gonna have to put it on the list. Perhaps I’ll have less gray hair.


Writing Challenge provided by Word Press Daily Prompt.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

26 Sep

Spending time alone




Without people. Being alone. Secluded.

This is not a bad thing, unless you’re in prison.

But for everyone else out there … every parent  or overworked person solitude is a good thing.

No yelling.

No Nickelodeon.

No diapers.

No laundry.

No cell phones.

No bosses.

No, what’s for dinner?

No chaos.

No hysteria.

No meltdowns.

No need for Advil.

But yes …

Yes for peaceful.

Yes for quiet.

Yes for alone time.

Yes for serenity.

Yes for “me” time.

Yes for margaritas.

Yes, for solitary.


At least once a month … yes.