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Mobster Mondays

22 Jun

When it first came out I couldn’t believe it. I was glued to the television set the whole week. But then … it went missing.

Until today.

Well almost.

It used to be called Mob Week, where I tuned in every night for seven nights to see my favorites: Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Joe Pesci, Chazz Palminteri and Ray Liotta among others. I’d be glued to the set watching some Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola movies I had already seen, seen with my Dad, and remembering our conversations about Vito Corleone, Henry Hill, Tommy DeVito, Donnie Brasco, Sam Rothstein and others.

It was awesome. I knew the story, I knew what would happen, I knew the classic lines and I’d remember how my Dad and I would both have A-Ha moments over how great that line was at that very moment, and Mob Week brought some of that back to me.

But the thing is, I’m not a violent person by nature and for some reason I found myself interested in these stories, and intensely watching them over and over again. It was a trip. I wasn’t part of that I want-to-be-a-gangster mentality either. But I guess I was interested in these characters and their stories and how they seemed to rise to power, using both brains and violence to get to where they wanted to be. I was interested in how the concepts of family, honor, and loyalty meshed with murder, racketeering, and violence. I was interested in how Scorsese and Coppola framed the stories and dialogue that would pull me into this world.

Even the small biographies about the original mobsters peaked my interest. So when Mob Week mysteriously disappeared, I was left feeling bummed out.

Fast forward to 2015 and mob madness returns to the Guat household. Thanks to AMC.


Courtesy of Mob Mondays on AMC

Courtesy of Mob Mondays on AMC


I saw the promo for Mob Mondays and I was ready to block all calls and set the DVR just in case. For eight Mondays in a row I’d be treated to some of the best mobster movies out there plus a bonus. An original series brought to me by the same people who brought me Mad Men and Breaking Bad would follow.

I was like …yes! Yes AMC! Yes!

On Mob Mondays The Making of the Mob: New York, I’d get the scoop on Charles Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and the rest of his crew. I’d get the rise and fall. I was excited about it and interested in how the their minds worked, how they felt capable of putting it all together, and how eventually death, the IRS, or FBI would eventually catch up to them.

That whole world interested me, it’s complicated and violent dynamic. I couldn’t really explain why, but it just did. The story did, and for the next eight weeks, I’d be able to catch these attention-grabbing stories, and Mondays would have a new meaning.