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As Football Season Starts I Just Want To Remind You …

29 Aug


Image via Despair.com

Image via Despair.com


But let’s be honest, this applies to more than just sports.



No Wonder He Was A Beatle

27 Jun
Image via LeFunny.net

Image via LeFunny.net



Looking At The Bright Side

20 May
Image via Despair.com

Image via Despair.com


Sometimes you have to look at the bright side to get through the tough times.



Celebrate Because Milestones Rock

18 Apr




I saw this and realized yeah … I used to do this. Probably still do sometimes, but not as much. Now that I’m a Meditation-Zen Seeker and Happiness Project Explorer I’m all about giving myself gold stars whenever I get anything accomplished. I celebrate because milestones rock.


I Think It May Be Better Than Anti-Aging Cream

31 Jan

Image via MotivationOneDayAtATime


Dude. I so want to be that chick on the raft.

Although, I’ve got to admit I’m not big on change, it burns me out. But I am glad I made changes last year. I may not be living it up on a speeding raft yet, but it’s definitely my goal to live that way and feel that way.

Laughter. You gotta love it. I think it may be better than anti-aging cream.



Wisdom is Like CPR, I Need It Now Not Later

9 Nov


Image via Quotable Cards


This is the kind of wisdom I could really use when the event is actually happening … you know “at the time” … during the catastrophe. It would help decrease gray hair and wrinkles that come from stress and angst. Chocolate can only do so much.


Breathless is a Good Thing

26 Oct


Image via quotablecards.com


I have this magnet up on my refrigerator just as a reminder that I need more hyperventilating-breathless moments in my life.


Sometimes There’s Just Not Enough Band-Aids

12 Oct

Image via quotablecards.com


Although this is true, I sometimes wish I could avoid the potholes that make me fall. I’m running out of Band-Aids, here.



It’s Good to Have Someone in Your Corner

16 Sep


Image via quotablecards.com


Sometimes I forget things like this, especially when I’m out there trying to “make it” professionally in this world, and it doesn’t happen. You get kind of burned out with rejection after rejection. I’m not trying to be a famous writer, just a successful one by my standards.

But then I realized a while back that to one person it didn’t mater what I wrote or whether I was successful. I was awesome regardless. My son … he reminded me that I was pretty amazing, even in the mornings. He’s always in my corner.


The A-Ha Moment

6 Aug

“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.” — Catherine Aird. Crime Fiction Writer.


At first glance this made me laugh, then I had an a-ha moment. Several of them.

As in a-ha this is the code of the jackass.

A-ha I have met this person.

A-ha I have dated someone like you but I didn’t see the warning because I gave you the benefit of the doubt … I hadn’t seen He’s Just Not That Into You, however now I wouldn’t give you the time of day.

A-ha this is what happens when you don’t follow the instruction booklet.

A-ha I have seen you at the DMV office.

A-ha I have met you at the personnel office of the school district when I used to be a substitute teacher. You were the supervisor.

A-ha this is the Telenovela code.

A-ha most politicians end up being the warning.

A-ha people like this exist in every dysfunctional family.