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Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha … It’s My Compass

27 Aug


I thank it for being the weapon to my survival.

It’s one of my best qualities. I think it raises the point level on my chick-o-meter. Otherwise I’d probably just be average. But the thing is I’m not hilarious-stand up comedy type of funny. I’m more of a situational humorist — the kind that finds funny or at least tries to find the funny in disastrous, hopeless, ridiculous situations.



I mean when you’re the only person in the Lamaze class that states with absolutely certainty that you’re gonna get the drugs as soon as you walk through the hospital doors, but when the time comes you realize that your particular labor is quick and by the time you arrive apparently you are at the point of no return.

No drugs.

You have to find the humor in that, maybe not at that instance but shortly thereafter when you’re cursing up a storm in a catholic hospital, that’s got to be a ha-ha moment.

When you’re sitting in your shrink’s office and she says:

“Sorry I don’t think this is working out.”

Dude. You realize that she just gave you the it’s-not-you-it’s-me speech. How do you go about dealing with the fact that your shrink broke up with you? I mean who does that happen to?


It happens to people like me. So instead of drowning in sorrows thinking I’m beyond help, or jumping off a bridge, I write a short story about it and try to find the humor in being dumped by a therapist. Ha-ha moment indeed.

Perhaps the ha-ha’s extend to situations beyond just me, where I can find funny in uncomfortable situations that I unknowingly ignited. Just like the time where I got a new job and had been working there for about six months before I met a guy who I thought was great. Super cool. I thought he was so great that I set him up with my old high-school friend. I was proud to have been a successful matchmaker, only to accidentally realize that the reason he’d been off from work for a week was because he was on his honeymoon. Yeah, after the shock wore off I found my matchmaking skills to be quite humorous.

Even in the face of death, I found a ha-ha moment. And I really shouldn’t have. Facing near death should really scare the crap out of you, but I found that almost choking to death on a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt topping and then peeing on myself in public while I was trying to cough my way back to life might have been pretty amusing. Or perhaps macing myself in the middle of the night on a dark street on the way back from the library during my college days would have required a little ha-ha in order to get passed the stupidity of it all.

Did I mention I’m a mom? Yeah.

Mother of two.

You need humor to get you through the day. Parenting, although joyous, stresses you out. You get to know the word weary. I never knew weary until I was a parent, so humor helps me get through parenthood, as does chocolate and a nice glass of Framboise.


Funny does play an important role in my life. I find that humor is the compass that keeps me grounded. It’s my Wish Factor … The Wish Factor. The X Factor. It’s that thing that keeps me from falling apart sometimes. It’s the thing that helps withstand the George Costanza phase of my current existence. It’s the thing that makes life less crappy, because on any given day you never know what funny can do. Funny is the thing. It makes survival possible. It makes life more enjoyable. That’s what funny does for me.

But aside from making myself laugh, who is the funniest person I know?

My college comadres crack me up. It’s a cohesive effort where everyone feeds off each other and the laughter abounds. A day with them ends up being good for my soul.

The funniest person on TV that cracks me up?

I’ve got many, but Jason Bateman, Jimmy Fallon, Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, and Melissa McCarthy seem to rock my boat whenever it’s enduring a perfect storm.

Yup. Funny … It’s my compass.




This is Why Laughter is Important

1 Mar
Image via www.lefunny.net

Image via Lefunny.net



I Think It May Be Better Than Anti-Aging Cream

31 Jan

Image via MotivationOneDayAtATime


Dude. I so want to be that chick on the raft.

Although, I’ve got to admit I’m not big on change, it burns me out. But I am glad I made changes last year. I may not be living it up on a speeding raft yet, but it’s definitely my goal to live that way and feel that way.

Laughter. You gotta love it. I think it may be better than anti-aging cream.