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One Cure For The Bad-Day Hangover

15 Jun

You wake up in the morning and there it is … life.

Sometimes it’s good to you … so good you that you’re smiling, cracking up and forgetting the crappy part of your existence that surrounds you. Other times you feel like you’re George Costanza and wish you had bottled up that awesome happiness and had it on hand.

This is how it goes.

You do your best to open your eyes and think of something you’re supposed to be grateful for … something … anything that can get you to jump out of bed. But with your bad day hangover, you can’t seem to think of anything spectacular.

You close your eyes again and then it hits you.

Jim. Jim MacLaren.


Jim … this is his story …

After thinking about Jim, I smacked myself a couple of times and got out of bed. I found a cure for my bad-day hangover, at least for today.

If you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up, check it out.


Remember … You Survived Lightning

27 Apr

Just when I think things are going well, a setback occurs.

Frustration and anger consume me. But then I remembered a story I read about some tree. I know … a tree, right? But Dale Carnegie wrote it in one of his books or essays and it stuck with me. I often think about it when things don’t turn out the way I planned, which happens often if you want to know the truth.

Oak tree on the top of Ladakalnis

Oak tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The story was about some powerful oak tree, and how year after year of crazy storm weather it remained standing. Through snow storms and practically tornado-like weather, it remained steady… and unmoved. It probably didn’t live in California, it was more like a Midwest tree, I guess. They tend to have tornado-like situations.

In any case, it was tested again when it was struck by lightning. Lightning … not only was it struck by this suck-ass powerful atmospheric electrical discharge, but it probably got the crap scared out of it with the thunder that followed.  It may have lost some leaves and a couple of branches. It was left scarred, making it susceptible to environmental stress. Yeah environments can get stressed out too. But it remained strong and continued to thrive.

But one summer, something smaller than a fingernail got the best of the mighty oak. Termites. Pinche termites. One by one they infested the tree, gnawing at it, picking at it, crawling little by little deep into the trunk. Bit by bit the termite soldiers devoured the tree.

I thought, what the hell kind of crazy tree story is that?

But then Carnegie went off to say that many of us are like the tree, we survive the big blows in life, but it’s the little things that eventually get to us and destroy us. The little things that accumulate and add up and eventually consume us.

So after my little disaster, I thought about the oak tree and its story …  I didn’t want to be the dumbass that survived the lightning strike and then got eaten by termites. Remember you survived lightning! Metaphorically speaking, of course. So I fumigated myself and left the little setback in the past. No need for any more environmental stress.


When You Have Passion, Good Things Happen …

14 Apr

He makes you want to pursue your passion. 

I saw him on the Nightly News with Brian Williams.

I thought … man this nine-year old boy is awesome. When I was nine I was watching Karate Kid, practicing my Mr. Miyagi moves, playing Light Bright, Battleship, tag and basketball.  Nothing inspirational by any means, but my dad was still proud of me.

So when I saw Caine’s story I thought … wow … this kid is awesome. He has passion and he took it to the next level. He’s probably going to be the next Bill Gates in his field. His dad is most definitely proud of him. Caine is proud of himself.

He spent time during his summer vacation at his dad’s auto parts store. He noticed all these cardboard boxes and had vision. 

This is his story …


Caine’s Arcade