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Half Measures? What? It’s All About Full Measures.

8 Jul

As I was catching up on Breaking Bad episodes before the big season opener next week, I was reminded of a very important lesson. Now I’m not a criminal entrepreneur, Chemistry teacher gone meth lab consultant, or big muscle enforcer for suspect people, but I get it. Half Measures.

Breaking Bad (season 3)

Breaking Bad (season 3) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things in life shouldn’t be dealt with in half measures. Now this guy went a little bit too extreme with the example, but I guess sometimes extremes work. They catch your attention.

On the show the big muscle enforcer dude has a business talk with Walt — the main character. He tells him of his previous job and his run-ins with a domestic violence case. The enforcer dude came across this woman who wouldn’t press charges against her husband, because she feared him. The enforcer dude tried to convince her time and time again, but it wouldn’t happen. She’d get beat up, get sent to the emergency room, wouldn’t press charges, and go right back to her husband, who would eventually beat her again a couple of weeks later.

One night the husband broke her nose in the shower and they took her to the emergency room, and the enforcer dude had this guy in the back of his car. The wife beater began humming “Danny Boy” and the enforcer dude lost it. He pulled him aside, pulled out his gun and was ready to shoot him and bury him in the desert somewhere. But this wife beater began pleading and begging for his life, promising, swearing that it wouldn’t happen again.

Enforcer dude stopped to think about his actions. They stood there for a while, waiting. Enforcer reconsidered his position, put his gun down, and began the “if you-ever-do-this-again” speech and let the wife beater go. With a strong warning.

Two weeks later the wife beater killed her. He bashed her head in with a bat.

Enforcer dude tells Walt that he learned a valuable lesson that day. A life lesson. He should have gone all the way. He chose a half measure, when he should’ve chosen a full measure.

Kind of a scary lesson, but I agree.

Now learning something from a shady enforcer muscle type character on a gritty crime drama wasn’t something I was expecting to do on a Sunday night, but I did. Sometimes gritty crime dramas like these have life lessons that sort of pop out at you. And this one sort of caught my attention. The writers. It’s the writers. They’re pretty good.

While I’m not the enforcer big muscle type of person, I agree that in life, full measures should be taken. Now I’m not talking about domestic violence type of situations. I’m talking about life in general, trying to get the best out of it. My Happiness Project and Holstee Manifesto combined … Dance to your own rhythm even in public, savor every bite of food regardless of the calories, get the dreamer’s disease and follow passion, fly your freak flag, nerd flag, geek flag, your whatever flag, but just fly it.

Full measures. Good lesson.


It’s What Leads to Spectacular

6 Jul

Image via shop.holstee.com


In researching different materials and websites for my own happiness project, I came across this poster. Cool people everywhere have probably seen it a million times. There’s even a video. But apparently I’m not that cool, because I’m just catching up with this awesomeness.

It’s called the Holstee Manifesto. I don’t know who Holstee is personally, but he deserves some really good chocolate for this wisdom. Actually I do know that the manifesto was created by three dudes who had quit their jobs and were following their passion. Dave, Mike and Fabian.

The manifesto comes into play with my spiritual, mental, and physical wellness phase, as well as my aiming high career phase.

It reminded me of a simple lesson. Sometimes being The Guat is difficult and because of all the crap I go through, sometimes I over analyze things. That’s one of my crazy pitfalls. It must be the writer in me. No. Not true … let’s stop playing these games. It’s all the CSI and Law & Order that I watch. It’s contagious. So I need to check myself every now and then.

But aside from the over analyzing part, I was reminded of the passion factor. This will help keep my happiness project in check. It will help keep me in check.


Everything is about passion. Passion in your dreams. Passion in your parenting. Passion in your humor. Passion in your relationships. Passion in your chocolate eating. Passion in your failures. Yes failures. If you’re going down, go down in flames. And then own it. You might learn a good life-lesson, or just need Costco-size amounts of Neosporin for all the cuts and bruises you encounter on your fall, either way it’ll be worth it, because following your passion is worth it. Life may not always turn out the way your 15-year old brain thought it would, but following your passion will eventually lead to good things. Eventually. This is what I was reminded of when I saw the poster.

Passion is what makes things better. Passion is what leads to spectacular.

It’s a good thing I was reminded of that. Sometimes I tend to forget. Drama makes that happen. Pinche drama. It’s a speed bump that can develop into a massive detour, a six-car pile up on your journey if you let it.

It’s not always easy, but I imagine nothing spectacular ever is — not that I know from personal experience, but at least that’s I what hear.

Passion. I’m on it.