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Good Times, Good Food, Good Friends, and Underwear

12 Feb

Normally I would hyperventilate in a place like this. I mean it is so far off The Guat grid that I feel like a lost and confused tourist in environments like these.

I mean in all honesty, I shouldn’t have been in that store in the first place. I mean I wasn’t properly dressed. There I was in jeans, a t-shirt and a backpack, while everyone else was all Cover-Girled up with their dresses, slacks, and fancy handbags. The fact that I was sick probably didn’t help matters. I mean crappy looking people on NyQuil just don’t go walking into Victoria Secret, but I did. I had to. There was a bridal shower at stake and a good friend on my mind. I had to buy the appropriate gift. So I cowboy-ed up and entered the Pink section.

Now normally I don’t think much about the underwear I’m wearing, but among all the pink lace, fancy satin, leopard prints, and G-strings I couldn’t help but think of my comfy Hanes Hipster Cotton six pack undies from Target. I felt like my underwear and I didn’t really belong, but it was all good. There was a cotton section, and luckily there was more than just pink stuff and I was able to find a nice blue satin number for my friend.

But there was another underwear assignment handed out. There would be games at this bridal shower, and I was to buy a pair of underwear, in the bride’s size, that would best represent my personality. I looked around … this was not the store for me. So I ventured off in search of the undies that said “The Guat”.

It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for, I saw them hanging there at the other store … and I knew. I knew, this was the winner. As I purchased my pair I couldn’t help but wonder what the other girls were buying. I mean I knew all their personalities. I was just very curious as to how the game would pan out, and who would be the winner, because when it comes to bridal shower games … we all get very competitive. I know it’s all supposed to be for fun, but it happens at every shower. We get crazed to win. When they say “pencils down,” you better believe that someone’s aunt or mom is going to be regulating you if you took an extra second jotting names down. And if there is a battle between two ladies in a risqué game, you know it’s going to be cause for some awesome comic relief. And let me tell you there was plenty of comedy. We had a tie, a tie. And in our circle of trust there was only one way to settle this matter. A battle. A dance battle. I hadn’t laughed that hard in such a long time. I might have pee in my pants a little.

But I don’t think the competitive drive in us has anything to do with the prizes. But more with the victory — the fact that you’ve won. That woo-hoo! moment. You reach your arms up in the air and say yes! Yes! I won! A-ha! It’s that moment that drives us.

So needless to say I was definitely looking forward to this celebration. Was it because of the crazy amount of delicious food? Definitely. Was it the awesome time that awaited me because of great friends? No doubt. Was it the games? Probably. Did I win? Did I get a woo-hoo moment? Yes. Yes I did. And it wasn’t on the “How Well Do You Know The Bride” 20 questions game. I completely failed on that one. In fact, after that game I felt like a terrible friend. Most of us did. I felt like I didn’t really know her at all. I mean where the hell have I been for like fifteen years, and how come I didn’t know she would have ordered oatmeal as her go-to meal at a brunch? I don’t know, I was probably too busy stuffing my face with bacon to notice. But I rebounded and made up for it with a win in the underwear game. Good times, good food, good friends and underwear. Definitely a great way to spend the afternoon.

The underwear game ... challenging but I ended up the victor.

The underwear game … challenging but I ended up the victor. Did you guess which one was mine?

I’ve Got a New Set of Duracells

3 Dec

Since falling off the Happiness Project-Bucket List wagon I felt the need to talk to one of my sponsors.

Every time something like this happens you’ve gotta have a sponsor. They prevent stuff like drunk dialing, confirm facts like you’re not really crazy, and most importantly assure you of your warrior status so that you can get back on the wagon. They see you … they see you.

Normally I call my main man … my brother from another mother … my childhood friend who knew me during my Vans and Aquanet Hairspray days.   But my other sponsor happened to call me and seeing how she lived in the same city I thought it would be best to have a session in person. You know, over a pizza, a bottle of wine, and some chocolate.


The Movie Swingers: Mike and Trent

This four-hour escape proved to be the therapy I needed to pick myself up. She’s one of these people who you don’t see for a couple of weeks, but when you do, the conversation picks up just where it left off. No awkward pauses. No uncomfortable silences. Just laughter and trust.

She’s my Trent Walker … She is the person who tells me “You’re so money and you don’t even know it.” She reminds me of my mantra during personal crises and also reminds me that I’m not 40 yet, so I shouldn’t freak out if things aren’t quite falling into place. However if I’m 39 and still in the same situation she said she wouldn’t blame me if I panicked then.

She puts me through the  four-step program. She listens. She agrees. She advises. She knocks some sense into me. She doesn’t have a silver lining handbook, but she sure knows what to say and how to say it with such comfort and ease that the words are trusted. The feelings are trusted. The good intentions are there. The night usually ends in laughter and old stories from our newspaper days, back when I was a sports reporter and she was working the copy desk.

I left her place feeling like she had changed my batteries. I got a new set of Duracells and felt much better about falling off the wagon. Although the pesto pizza, red wine, and laughter definitely seemed to help. I don’t know what it is about good pizza that makes things better. In general good food makes things better, but good pizza seems to take it up a notch — sort of adding extra life to those batteries.

I’m glad I picked up the phone. She’s a good sponsor. She’s a good Trent Walker. She’s got plenty of batteries in reserve. I think she shops at Costco.