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My Holy-Crap Moment of the Day

2 Jul


As an athlete it’s one of the best compliments you can receive. You feel like Michael Jordan, Steffi Graf, Derek Jeter, Annika Sorenstam, and Michael Phelps all wrapped up in one.

As a writer, it’s awesome. It means you got skills. Mad skills.  Jerry Seinfeld, Dennis Leary, Tina Fey, Nora Ephron, Chris Rock, J.J. Abrams kind of skills.

Versatility. Nice. Muy nice. And thanks to years of embarrassing moments, athletic achievements, childhood memories, kitchen Food Network recipe letdowns, mom meltdowns, crazy Guat family episodes, and an awesome three year-old and 11-month-old, I apparently have got it. I didn’t think I could win an award for putting all this craziness into words, but I did.


The fact that I got the award on a really crappy, drown yourself in misery kind of day was even better.  The Versatile Blogger Award became the Rocky Road ice cream moment of the day — wrapped up in fudge, whip cream, marshmallow topping, and nuts. Plenty of them. Getting this award was that good. It was my Holy-Crap! moment of the day.

So I would like to thank Another Day in Paradise for honoring me with this awesomeness. This little lady thoroughly enjoys life and gives you a taste of the journeys she takes traveling the world. Yes! The world. Not just Baja California people. She’s been on three separate continents and lets you enjoy the ride through her family stories, experiences, and awesome photographs. She puts my Canon Powershot to shame. So if you get a chance visit her blog.

Now, as the award requires here are seven little tid bits about The Guat … I strongly believe in the power of Rocky Road ice cream. I’m addicted to television, preferably FX, AMC, USA, and HBO. I’ve seen every episode of Jerry Seinfeld, probably twice. Despite my clumsiness and gravity challenged body I was athlete of the year two years in a row, back in my high school days. I have never successfully completed a Rachel Ray 30-minute meal in thirty minutes. I will dance in public if I hear my favorite jam on the radio, I’ve got moves. And finally … despite my awesomeness I am not a morning person, I’m big on the snooze button. But kids don’t have snooze buttons.

There was my seven.

And now … My peeps!

As with any award you need to pay it forward. You gotta show your peeps some love. So here are my nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award. Here are the peeps that embrace a variety of subjects, fields and skills. Here are peeps that make me laugh, smile, think, and wonder. Here are peeps that have mad skills, I hope you get a chance to visit their blogs.

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