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Relationship Advice … Costanza Style

25 Feb


Costanza Wisdom

Costanza Wisdom




For All The Love Birds …

16 Feb



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It’s All About Being A Problem Solver

6 Aug




Jerry’s Definition Rocks …

12 Jul




This Explains A Lot

16 May


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Image via LeFunny.net



Ever Have One of Those Days …

26 Apr
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Serenity Now

3 Apr
Image via LeFunny.net

Image via LeFunny.net

Yes. I found this to be true. Very true, which is probably the reason why I decided to take on the 21-Day Meditation Challenge a while back. I wanted to stop having George Costanza moments whenever I encountered stupid people. I don’t know why they irritated me so much, but they did. And I knew these people multiplied so I had to find a way of dealing with them without adding stress and aggravation to my life. So when the challenge came my way via a friendly email, I thought why not.

I finished the challenge this week and in truth I found so much peace in a couple of sessions that I meditated myself into a deep sleep and I guess that can be a good thing. Relaxation and peace are the ultimate goals and sleeping is the most relaxed and peaceful state I’ve experienced. So I gave myself a B+. I would have gotten an A had I stayed awake.

But that’s not the only reason for my B+ status. I didn’t quite master the art of emptying my mind until day 12. I imagine it had a lot to do with the endless to-do lists, my life lists, my rejection letters, my bills, my kids crankiness prior to bed, my excitement for what was waiting for me on my DVR, my attempt at trying to find humor in my latest personal disaster, my random ideas for another story, or my latest encounter with stupid people and how frustrated I was that they were still popping into my head. It’s busy up there.  I had a lot emptying to do, luckily I was able to make it happen by the half-way point and I reaped the full benefits of his whole meditation shindig.

And after 21 days, is there a difference?

Well, I still have Costanza moments, but they have simmered down a bit. I think being able to sit in the quiet, to reflect, to say my mantras, and to empty my mind has helped. I’m improving my perfect health portfolio which tends to include mental health, peace and inner well-being. Although chocolate is still a pretty amazing Zen experience too. But this whole meditation situation added a little balance without the calories. It added my serenity now moment, without the yelling and hostility. It tamed the Costanza in me, but let’s not get crazy … he’s still there. He just goes on hiatus every now and then — attempting to master his anger management skills and cope with the existence of brainless people.

Sometimes This Happens And When It Does … It Makes My Day

22 Feb





Mistakes … Sometimes They’re Necessary

7 Dec
Image via despair.com

Image via despair.com


I saw this and it totally cracked me up … Because sometimes when I look at people I wonder how is it that they are still walking around and karma hasn’t totally devoured them. And then it comes to me … they’re my walking warning. Pay attention.


Sometimes You Need to Buy Yourself Nice Things

1 Sep


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If someone ever gives you this card, accompanied by any form of chocolate, you better hold on.

It’s too bad I bought this one for myself. Although I do think I am the hop in my scotch, which is probably why I bought it. Sometimes I’m even the zig and the zag, which is probably why I bought that box of chocolates too.