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Trouble Changed My Night

10 Feb


Hanging on by my last piece of chocolate and nowhere near tip-top shape, I was sinking pretty quickly last week. It seems that I was not alone as a couple of friends were also on the throw-me-a-lifesaver vibe.

And usually when chocolate doesn’t work I go to my pick-me-up song Oooh Child by The Five Stairsteps. But before I could log on to my computer and listen to this classic tune, Trouble changed my night.

I had never seen Trouble before, but it definitely flipped my switch.

It juiced up my existence again. I remembered I’m not just Guat  … I’m a Ninja Triathlete Warrior. I’m a future Barnes & Noble Best Seller. I’m a Super Soul Sunday Engineer.  I’m a Human Spirit Adventure Developer. I am Spartacus.

The passion and energy jumped out at me and after watching this performance on The Tonight Show I didn’t feel all that crappy anymore. The fact that my life blueprint wasn’t matching my current existence didn’t seem too overwhelming at the moment. I got a zest of energy to take action. To do something.

It was the adrenaline shot I needed to get through the nightly malaise that almost took my sleep.

So I thank you Vintage Trouble wherever you are … you lit a fire under my ass and a fateful return to a better state of mind.

I think you’ve earned a spot on my morning run playlist.



The Power of Words

13 Jan

“Tony Kushner, everyday I have to live without the immeasurable wealth of your language, which reminds me everyday of the impoverishment of my own.” Daniel Day-Lewis

Dude … he is no way poor on words.

This is one of the best compliments I’ve ever heard in my life. As a writer I dream of someone saying something so Daniel Day-Lewis worthy.  I didn’t see Lincoln, but I did see The Last of the Mohicans, There Will Be Blood and Gangs of New York. He was pretty awesome in all three. Intense. Intense is definitely the word for it, but he seemed very calm, humbled and grateful in his Golden Globe acceptance speech. And I know that writer definitely felt that sincere thanks.

English: Actor Daniel Day-Lewis in New York on...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those words flipped my switch today. It was a crappy one today, the kind that needs a do-over, but unfortunately you don’t get one. Once Sunday morning is gone, you can’t get it back and wishing for that to happen in the afternoon, just wastes the afternoon. So you just decide that it’s been crappy day and you wait until tomorrow. I mean not even my Live-Everyday-Like-It’s-Shark Week reminder toy, hanging out in  my pocket, helped me overcome the suckiness of the day. I pushed the button and everything for that JAWS sound effect, but that didn’t seem to faze me. The crappiness had consumed me. That’s the kind of day I had. It was so bad that I just tanked it at 4 p.m. I threw in the towel and just waited until tomorrow.  That’s what I was doing. I was waiting until tomorrow came. And as I was unsuccessfully trying to salvage some quiet moments in the evening just so that I could watch the Golden Globes then I heard his voice among the chaos of bedtime routine.

I heard him with his accent. Daniel Day-Lewis .. and then something changed.

I was going to write about the crappy day I had in detail,  with comedic spin and everything. But I heard Daniel Day-Lewis and he changed my mind. He flipped my switch. I know he wasn’t speaking to me, but nevertheless his words moved me. I’m sure it moved all writers. When someone appreciates your work so much that they give you an “Ooooooooh” compliment … it’s a total wow moment. Even for those who witness it.

And that was me … I was a witness and I sure wish I was that writer, because that compliment would have definitely made my day. It would have made my decade. Shoot, even century.

Well in truth as a regular human being I hope for something this spectacular said about me and that it’s not in my eulogy. It’s at a place where I can actually hear it. But to set the record straight I have had a couple of friends and fellow blogging buddies definitely lift my spirits with the power of their words. And it was like a Golden Globe highlight.

So Daniel Day-Lewis, I thank you for flipping the switch, for snapping me out of it, for giving me whatever time was left in the hourglass tonight, for the power of your words.

Flipping The Switch

7 Jan

“Live every week, like it’s Shark Week.” — Tracy Jordan 30 Rock.


30 Rock

30 Rock


I had never heard this before, but as I was browsing the Internet, I found this quote. And it blew me away. I gave it a double-take. You know like when a really good-looking dude or chick passes by you and you just have to look twice. It’s not even intentional or in a perverted pedophile way, you just do it because they are just so beautiful. You’re in awe of their beauty. So you do the double-take.

Well that was me … I was like wow. What a good mantra. I’m gonna have to steal it and add it to my list.

Discovery Channel's Shark Week

Discovery Channel‘s Shark Week

And it was even more awesome that I saw it today.

Yeah. Today.

It flipped my switch. Shark Week.

Every year you start off with great intentions, you’re on a roll, you’re ready to jump off cliffs, climb mountains, conquer the world, or go out on urban adventures. And then someone comes and just sucks the air out of your balloon. They just come with their sour comments and aura of negativity and suck it right out. And there you are … feeling crappy. I mean you love these people, you do. But sometimes, you just don’t like them. It happens.

And in most cases it’s family. And yes if you’re married or in love, it’s your dude or chick. And if you’re married with children? Dude this definitely happens at least twice a month. However, sometimes it’s work that sucks it out of you. It happens. And you go to your chocolate drawer and bust out the KitKats or Hawaiian chocolates and try to escape the moment. Sometimes it works, other times … you just need a bigger supply in the drawer.

Yeah I had one of those crappy days. Twice … back-to-back. And I was feeling the funk. Not all day, every minute of the day, just the minutes I spent with the balloon-popper.

So as I was trying to “escape” I logged onto the computer and found this quote. It was a nice surprise — an unexpected push in the right direction.

I thought … yeah. I need to snap out of this funk. One day of crappiness was bad enough, but two? Dude. I can only afford one crappy day during the week. Swim in it, absorb it, soak in it for 24 hours, but that’s it. If it’s not a death related issue, I need to squash it.

I need to live like it’s Shark Week … the highlight of the year for the Discovery Channel, where they devote an entire week to the shark, featuring everything and anything with sharks including interesting scientific facts and awesome footage of survival stories. It’s the neat stuff. It’s their best week of the year. I need to have that. I need to have a highlight-of-the-year week, or at least aim for that. I need a get psyched-for-the-week moment. I need it to be Shark Week in the Guat household, or at least on my part of  the couch.

I wasted a day, no two already. I need to snap out of it. I need to be awakened with a jolt of excitement and anticipation for a new 24 hour period, for a new week. A Shark Week. I can’t be held back by the memory of a deflated balloon. I need a new memory in the morning. A positive trigger. So as I went searching for a reminder, and I found it in my son’s toy chest. It was an old mechanical shark toy we had bought at the aquarium last year. I had thought about throwing it away a while back, because they don’t play with it as much as they used to, but I’m so glad I kept it.

I put it on the nightstand, next to the alarm clock and books. I’m hoping it’ll activate my “Live like Shark Week,” mantra. I’m hoping it’ll help flip my switch in the morning.