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Moving to Phase II

27 Feb



I have to admit I did have my first-time-mom moments.

You do.

It’s your first time and you freak out. You get all sanitizer-Baby-Einstein crazy.

It happens.

I could have been the mom in this commercial easily. But luckily I became the second-kid mom, before I had my second kid. And I was grateful not to have gone through so many crazy-neurotic-mom moments.

I’ve never gained so much wisdom in such a short amount of time. Wisdom usually takes time, long periods of it. Parenthood kicks your ass and you’re in hyper-drive-super-speed mode and the learning continues. This is where the comedy kicks in … it absolutely  has to otherwise you’ll probably suffer a nervous break down every week. So when I saw this Luvs commercial, I had to share it. I had to spread the knowledge just in case there were others out there still clinging onto phase I of parenthood and worrying whether or not they were failing.

We all fail.

No worries.

And if someone tells you they’re not. Dude. They’re lying. Straight out in your face lying. They are. Everyone fails during the parenthood journey. You’re fine. You’ve become part of the learning curve.

And if you’re still clinging to phase I, let me let you in on a little secret … those happy moms on the cover of the Babies R Us catalog are just models. Airbrushed happy models with plenty of sleep, matching socks, and daily ten-minute showers. Real parents are lucky if they get five or six hours of uninterrupted sleeps, a pair of clean socks, and a five-minute bird-bath.

We fall apart. All parents fall apart. It happens. We have our moment when it’s just too much, and we realize phase I is just for the catalog fake parents.

You want to be real?

Come to phase II, it’s less stressful. I still get gray hair, though. And I’m still neurotic, but just in  a different way.

But no worries, if you’re still in phase I. It’s something everyone goes through … everyone. And then we get wise. We move over to phase II.

So we’ll be waiting for you here … with a glass of wine and some chocolate.