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Weekly Writing Challenge: It Happened in a Second

14 Nov

It had never happened to me before. Not like this.

I couldn’t believe it. I had been so successful in avoiding it. I didn’t really see the need for it. I didn’t see the point.

I’d always see these ditzy girls pretending to know about sports and laughing that fake hyena laugh just to get close to one of my friends. I didn’t understand what that was about. These guys were like my brothers. These guys were “the guys,” and me being the tomboy that I was … I was one of the guys too.  I had always been. So I never understood the ditzy girls.

And then it hit me. I don’t know how it happened, but it did.

And it didn’t take a week, a day, or an hour.

It took a second. Maybe less than that. Maybe it was a split second. I don’t know if that’s faster, but it felt faster. Like speeding.

It didn’t slowly creep up on me. It pounced. It wasn’t a pitter-pat. It was a BOOM-BOOM.

Jake Ryan

I saw him and it hit me. The BOOM-BOOM. I had recognized this special effect. I had only had it once before with Rafa, but this time was a little different. It was louder and there were more butterflies. The butterflies were in the pit of stomach. It was the Jake RyanSixteen CandlesSomekind of Wonderful type of BOOM BOOM. There was no music in the background when it happened. No Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, or Peter Gabriel. Just silence and slow motion.

He walked across the basketball court in a t-shirt, blue jeans, and white high top Nikes with the blue swoosh. I locked into his Ryan Gosling eyes as he smiled and said hello.

That was it.

I had lost it.

It only took a second. A split second, but it had changed my life. Love. Head-over heels-kissing-in-the-rain-first-love-kind of love.

I hadn’t become one of those ditzy girls, but I sure understood it. I was never the same.

Daily Prompt Challenge: The 14-Year-Old Guat

4 Nov

Dear 14-year-old Guat,

“Be O.K. with having a bad hair day. The ‘bad hair’ is usually not about the hair, but about the way we look or the way we feel.”

You were smart and strong at this age. You didn’t worry so much about bad hair days. You were sort of ahead of your time and I don’t know where you got it from, but it’s awesome that you had it.

Keep listening to that little voice inside you, the one that tells you that bad hair days can be fixed with Aquanet hairspray or baseball caps. You’re absolutely right, it’s not the end of the world.

And, if you run into someone who likes you even when you’re having a bad hair day, like Rafa, definitely hang out with him. He doesn’t care that you’re a tomboy. He doesn’t care that you don’t wear make-up. He doesn’t care that you don’t wear pink. He thinks it’s cool that you like The Lakers and The Dodgers. He thinks it’s cool that you play sports. He’ll laugh at your jokes. He thinks you’re funny. He likes your sense of humor. He gets who you are and likes you as is.

Say yes when he asks to walk you to the bus stop. I know you’ll be nervous, but don’t look down, smile when he holds your hand. The butterflies mean you like him. Say yes when he asks to take you to the dance. Don’t say you’ll think about it, just say yes, right away. Time is important. You know you want to go.

Hang out with him for the next four months. You’ll be sad if you don’t. He’ll send you notes in class. He’ll eat lunch with you everyday. He’ll make you laugh. He’ll be your friend. He’ll tell his cousin Francisco to stop being such a jackass and to leave you alone during sixth period.

He’ll take you to Thrifty’s for an ice cream cone and know that you’ll pick chocolate every time, but he won’t care.

Hang out with him for the next four months, not just two. Hang out and keep talking about sports. Keep talking about your dreams when you grow up. Listen to his Fernando Valenzuela stories. Buy him some Corn Nuts. Let him hug you as many times as he wants to when he says good-bye. Smile every time he holds your hand, even on bad-hair days. It’ll be worth it.

You see, he’ll end up getting sick. Really sick. He’ll get something called Leukemia and you won’t ever see him again. It’ll be your first lesson with cancer. And it’ll suck, because you’ll miss him. So write him as many notes as you want to. He’ll keep them in his sock drawer, next to his baseball cards. They’ll probably make him smile when he’s not feeling very well. He’d like to think that you like him too, even when he’s having bad hair days because he has no hair at all.

Always be kind.

The Guat.


Challenge provided by Word Press Daily Prompt.

Embarrassing Moments, Love, and Magic Mountain

20 Apr

You ever have one of those moments, where you just want to crawl under a rock?

Yeah they happen often in my life. I was reminded of one of my top five moments while looking for a book through some old boxes, and I came across some old pictures.

It was a group picture of my junior high school crowd at Six Flags Magic Mountain. A group of basketball-and-volleyball playing chicks and dudes enjoying roller coaster rides and laughter.

Image via ryangoslingworkout.net

Then I saw him in the picture. Those eyes. If you can picture a Latin version of Ryan Gosling that was him, wearing jeans, an OP t-shirt, and Nike shoes. He was my first love crush and this trip proved to be a memorable one.

Ohhhh. He made me weak in the knees. My Latin Ryan Gosling.

We had just gotten off  that raft ride where everyone gets soaking wet no matter where you sit. As I got out of the raft, he extended his hand out to help me get out of the raft. Dude … as we held hands …. I swear I heard “This Magic Moment,” by Jay and The Americans.

As we made our way to Colossus — an awesome ride with gut-wrenching drops and a speedy coaster where you can ride forwards or backwards– it happened.

Six Flags Magic Mountain X

Six Flags Magic Mountain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were cracking up, recollecting who was screaming on the ride and who got soaked. He let go of my hand to tie his shoe. I turned to face him and continued the conversation.

As he got up, we turned to the left and walked down the hill. The guys were calling us, telling us to hurry. There was no one in line. I still must’ve been on cloud nine because I didn’t see it. 

But there it was and it saw me.


A large metal pole. The kind that has a light attached to it … yeah a light post. I crashed into a light post.

I know what you’re thinking. It was dark wasn’t it? Night time.

No. Broad daylight. Probably like one o’clock or something.

My forehead and entire face hit the lamppost and made a noise loud enough that complete strangers stopped what they were doing and checked me out — the dumbass who crashed into the pole. I was a little dazed after bouncing off a giant piece of metal.

My friends and my crowd? They were cracking up. They couldn’t help themselves.

Me? I was mortified. Not only was I in physical pain, but the fact that my Latino Ryan Gosling was like a few feet away gave me emotional pain as well. He had a front-row seat to the show.

I didn’t know what to do. What could I? I rubbed my forehead and chuckled a bit. I had my head down.

He came to my side, shaking his head, and chuckling.

“Are you O.K.?” He asked brushing his hand across my forehead.

I laughed.

“Ummmmm. Yeah.”

He kissed my forehead, gave me a hug and said:

“C’mon. Looks like I’m gonna have to hold your hand the rest of the way. Just in case there are any more poles.”

I smiled. I didn’t mind the hand-holding.