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Finding My Laugh

4 Aug

“Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face.”  –Mike Tyson


Holyfield vs. Tyson

Holyfield vs. Tyson


When I saw this quote today, I thought, Holy Crap. How does he know of me and my George Costanza existence?


That’s exactly what my life has been like the past two years, knockout after knockout, clinging to the ropes. But I’m still here. Still standing …

I’m stubborn that way.

It may take be a while to get up after a beatdown, whether it has to with parenthood, dealing with family, handling rejections in my career, or dealing with relationship drama and all the complications that come from that. Dude that alone can knock you out. But I got some Rocky Balboa blood in me and I always get up, ready for a comeback, waiting for that opportunity. That moment! Yeah it’s out there and I think I’m close.

But what happens when it looks like I’m down for the count? Do I still make plans? Do I even bother knowing that life is gonna put the smackdown on me?

Dude got to. Just got to.

I still make some … lots of them. It’s what motivates me to get out of bed, no snooze alarm needed. Blueprints are essential for life, they help guide you in the right direction, they’re your compass if you get lost. They represent the possibility. You just have to remember to tweak them a little bit when the unexpected happens. You bob and weave when something or someone is coming for you.

When I was making life plans I didn’t take into consideration that I’d get knocked out a couple of times. I was naive, I thought since my teen years were challenging enough that would be it … but no … that was just character building, preparing me for adulthood.

Character, I’ve got plenty of it.

So I thought it would be somewhat easy the rest of the way, but I’ve found that the road to my “prime” has many rounds. But without them I guess I wouldn’t be as funny. I’ve noticed all great comedians had it rough one time or another, it’s where they found their laugh. And I guess that’s what’s happening to me … I’m finding my laugh. I don’t like the fact that I need to get punched in the face for that, but there’s no other way life can teach you that painful lesson.

Keep making plans, keep adjusting and tweaking, just remember to pack the ice and bring Neosporin along the way.



Life Smacked Me, But It’s O.K. … I’m Pacing Myself

23 Jul

“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” —  Carlos Castaneda


My light bulb moment right there. The weird thing was I saw the quote while exiting a parking lot. There I was stuck in the heat waiting my turn to leave the bank and I saw the sign. Sometimes it’s the most random places where a life lesson smacks you in the face.

I wasn’t even prepared for it, but there it was, and I was happy for the reminder. Sometimes with all the drama going on, you wonder when you’re going to get a good day. But then you get this wisdom thrown at you and it alters your perspective. Even in a bank parking lot.

It keeps you in check … The universe  is conspiring to teach you something, so I was trying to listen.

Being emotionally drained takes a lot of recovery on your part and a lot of chocolate. So why not change all that recovery process and spin it into positive effort — proactive energy — that makes your life stronger and better.

Image via Colourbox.com

Being miserable sucks. Depression sucks. Having periods of malaise sucks. I’ve had them all. Most of the time these things are under your control, but when they’re not … that’s when it becomes difficult, frustrating and infuriating. But life, miserable or not, keeps going and so should you.

The quote reminded me of my Happiness Project and I was thankful I created one. I was thankful I was taking steps to change my Guat existence. I was thankful I came across Rubin’s book. I guess the universe was reassuring me that I was on the right path. I might not be seeing instant Mary Poppins results, but I’m pacing myself. Slow and steady …