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The Best of Both Worlds

17 Oct

I first heard of it from Raymond.

It was his favorite.

It sounded good.

It sounded tasty.





And I told myself every week that I would try it, but for some reason it didn’t pan out.

Not until years later when the Sopranos stepped in.


The Sopranos Family Cookbook

The Sopranos Family Cookbook



Steak and pizza.

I have no idea why I waited so long. I had been depriving myself for years. But the wait was over. Nor more suffering. I came across the recipe while flipping through the book and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t made it before. How could this have happened?

I had no idea what the ingredients were or how complex the dish would be, but I love Raymond and the fact that this was Ray’s favorite meant that I definitely had to try it.

I tuned in every week to see the adventures of The Barone Family. I knew the craziness so well I felt like a cousin, so how could this hearty and savory dish never cross my path, not even in a restaurant? Raymond loved it and after making it I completely understand why.

I get it. I really do.

Steak Pizzaiola.

The best of both worlds. It’s one of those meals that’s meant to share with the family, but after tasting it you kind of want to keep it to yourself. It brings out the selfish in you, it’s that good. So good that I forgot to take a picture of it, before it was devoured.

But the best way to describe it would be a steak lover’s dream. It’s the kind of comfort food that can change any mood. You got tender sirloin covered with a chunky semi-spicy tomato sauce made from plum tomatoes and infused with pizza flavors. All of this on top of a bed of linguine with sprinkles of Romano cheese. The sauce sits atop just waiting for you to sop every last drop.

Dude, I strongly encourage you to have the best of both worlds. It’s a must.