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Happy Festivus!

25 Dec

Happy Festivus people! In a Telemundo version of the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength, it never occurred to me that I would get sick this holiday season, but what’s Festivus without the added bonus of a migraine followed by nausea and killer stomach aches.

Yup … there I was … scavenging the medicine cabinet for Sal de Uvas–you know my people’s Alka-Seltzer– during the Broncos vs. Chiefs game and praying that I wouldn’t throw up on the floor.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

It’s a terrible feeling when you know you have to but it’s not happening, your whole body is going through an internal battle, and you can feel its losing, and there on the horizon is bed time routine … just waiting to start.

I held out as long as I could, but in the end my son finished reading How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Both kids went to sleep quickly as they could tell mom was losing the battle, we all managed to fall asleep until my phone rang and it woke me.

I’m still losing the battle but feel that if I lay perfectly still with no sudden movements  it’s not that horrible. Listening to some tunes and watching The Ref helps. Slipper socks … medium. Ha! Dennis Leary cracks me up.

So I thought I’d try to pass along the good cheer … you know, just in case some of you were battling the Festivus nausea this year and needed some Christmas spirit headed your way … you know in case you wanted to feel like Hugh Grant dancing to  The Pointer Sisters in Love Actually.

Hope your Festivus was merry and filled with laughter … not nausea.







Buen Camino my friends.


Hope You Find Another Way … A Festivus Miracle Way

22 Dec


Happy Festivus!

Happy Festivus!



Getting In The Spirit!

23 Dec




Getting in tune with my inner George wanted to make sure I spread the holiday cheer. Happy Festivus people.

El Burrito Sabanero and Christmas Song Power

20 Dec

It takes a while for it to hit me, because my dad’s not walking through the door with the Christmas tree.

But it hits me … eventually.

It hits me when I see Charlie Brown and the rest of The Peanut Gang. It hits me when I see my kids decorating cookies with green and red M&Ms. It smacks me in the face when I’m laughing my ass off at Pete Schwetty, Mary Katherine Gallagher, and Justin Timberlake‘s Junk in The Box skits on Saturday Night Live.

It helps.

It builds.

But the one thing that always kicks it up a notch is the song. The song for my Guat People.

No it’s not I Wanna Wish You a Merry Christmas a.k.a. Feliz Navidad.

Nope. That’s too commercial.

This is Old School.

It’s more powerful than Mariah Carey, Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson, or Jennifer Nettles Christmas Specials.

This is El Burrito Sabanero.

The Donkey Song.


The Donkey is a powerful thing.

No one would think a donkey song could bring out the ho-ho-ho spirit, but it does. It crushes whatever Grinch-like tendencies I may have had about Christmas trying beat down my beloved Thanksgiving Holiday.

I hear it and the Christmas Spirit is jumping. I hear it and it takes me back to my five-year old self, when I had pigtails and enjoyed waking up in the morning. It takes me back to my Union Elementary Holiday Program Days and wearing red. It takes me back to hanging out with my dysfunctional family, eating tamales, and playing Loteria. It takes me back to drinking that famous Guatemalan Ponche that my mom made every year. It takes me back to opening presents in my pajamas at midnight. It takes me back to La Vecindad — the old neighborhood and its people.

It rocks my Guat world and every year, Christmas doesn’t seem to start unless I blast that tune and do my little dance. I could be in the middle of a George Costanza life episode, and when I hear that tune the frustration, the anxiety, the anger, the whatever-it-is-I’m-feeling-at-that-moment disappears.

I raise the volume. I tap my feet. I nod my head, and it’s on.

The Christmas spirit is upon me. The Donkey is pretty powerful stuff.

Do you have any Christmas song power?

Bring it!

Let it smack you in the face and enjoy the eggnog. Being at the overcrowded mall fighting for parking is so much easier when you got it.



Sandbox Adventure List 23: Guats on Ice

16 Dec

He’d seen Charlie Brown do it.  He’d seen the L.A. Kings do it.

But considering I lived in The Golden State, I didn’t think this one would be possible. But when the Christmas spirit hits Southern California you can find a little bit of Winter Wonderland even in our 80-degree weather. So I took his Charlie Brown dream and made it happen. His sister was too small to remember Charlie Brown, but she’ll remember it this year.

I’d say we were like Kings on ice, but in truth there was a lot of falling and cold butts. We enjoyed every minute. In fact it was such a good Sandbox List Adventure it made me forget about the Parking War I had with this lady and her Chevy Suburban.

Normally I’m all for waiting, parking spots are hard to come by. But there are certain rules you follow when doing so and the number one common-sense-good-driver rule is don’t block traffic. Dude, just don’t do it. Don’t have the ass of your car hanging out onto on-coming traffic. Don’t stop your car in the middle of the lane, where you’re in the perfect position to take up the entire lane and nobody can squeeze by on the left or right of you. Don’t ignore the honking of multiple horns telling you to move your ass because your need for front-row parking may in fact get your tires slashed. Don’t wait more than ten minutes for someone to get into their car. It creates road rage for those trying to get to the parking spot four spaces down.

Yes. I was behind that woman, and it almost soured the entire experience. But eventually I was able to off-road it, go around her, and leave my George-Costanza state of mind in the parking lot.  Once I got to the ticket booth all I could see was the Charlie Brown possibilities.


Mastering the ice one step at a time.

Mastering the ice one step at a time.


His sister getting a feel for the ice on a different level.

His sister was getting a feel for the ice on a different level.



Confident enough to let go of the wall he moves to the next stage … hanging on to the sled and pushing his sister.


She decided to be brave just like her brother and stand behind the seal.

She decided to be brave just like her brother and skate behind the seal.

In the end we had a good time falls and all.

In the end we had a good time falls and all.



Parents Gone Camera Wild.

20 Dec

Message to all parents attending a Preschool Kindergarten Holiday Program …

You look like nice people. You look like you would turn your blinker on if you made a right turn. You look like normal people. Like professionals. Like you do something really important at work or at home — something that requires smarts and common sense. But in a minute when your kids come walking down the hall … all of that is going to disappear. You’re going to become parents.

True. Very true.


The cameras and video recorders come out.

The cameras and video recorders come out.


So just let me remind you of some common courtesy tips that you may forget in the process of this Preschool Christmas Program.

It’s preschool. Preschool. Some kids may sing, some may not, some may sing the right words, some may forget the words, some may have stage fright, some may pick their nose, some may yawn in boredom, some may pick up their dresses and put them over their heads, and some may just twirl around. It happens, it’s preschool. Don’t get upset. Don’t turn into one of those crazy obsessed TLC pageant moms. It’s preschool. Remember that.

But also try to remember that many of you brought cameras to cherish these oh-so-special moments, so keep in mind that the person sitting behind you may not want the back of your head and shoulders in the picture. As soon as you see your kid pass by, snap the picture, smile, wave, and sit down. He’s not gonna keep looking at you. He needs to watch where he’s going, so he doesn’t trip and fall. He’s going to look straight ahead.


We Wish You A Merry Christmas rocking the house.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas rocking the house.


Let him concentrate and sing Jingle Bells on his own. If he doesn’t know the song don’t worry about it. I’m sure he claps to the beat very well.

Once the program is finished, try not to rush the stage. Pretend like you’ve been to a sporting event or concert and let the person in the row in front of you go first. It’s game crowd protocol. Honestly, rushing to beat someone to the parking lot doesn’t make sense. Besides it’s Christmas! Enjoy the decorations.


The hanging wreaths

The hanging wreaths


The outdoor decorations.

The outdoor decorations.


The Christmas tree and the ornaments.

The Christmas tree and the ornaments.


Most people don’t follow these rules, which is why you hear of parents gone wild during the Christmas Pageant.  Listen to the professional in you — the one that wears dry clean only clothing, the one who’s been a victim to an awesome picture gone wrong because of the back of someone’s bald head and their wife’s split ends, the one who’s trying to stop the crazy parent cycle from repeating itself. Listen people, your holidays at school pageants will be much better.