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I Love His Thoughts On Gluten

26 Aug
Heck yeah I bought it!

Heck yeah I bought it.

Chocolate And Comedy?


I should have bought more than just one.




Weekly Image of Life: What I’m Thankful For …

18 Nov

I’m thankful for …

My little Guat.

… the times when she sits still in amazement. Still. Thank you wondrous awesome incredible beach for making this happen.


I’m thankful for …

My son … the adventurer.

… my son who always makes me laugh, smile, and often chase after him in outdoor mazes, which gives me the cardio workout I need, when the chase is not annoying me. Thank you Great Outdoors for making this happen.


I’m thankful for …

My savior ūüôā

… the almighty cacao bean who is the creator of the most delectable, tasty, calorie induced, scrumptious, chocolate treats that make you forget about the crappiness of life momentarily. Thank you makers of chocolate .


I’m thankful for …

Image via quotablecards.com

… the words I have found that help me get through the tough times in life and run-ins with stupid people.


Thank you.





Weekly Image of Life Challenge courtesy of This Man’s Journey



Tarzan’s Wife and Brownies

26 Apr

¬†I haven’t really had good neighbors since we left “La Vecindad”.

This is the place where I grew up. The apartment building with nine units, nine families and everybody knew everybody. It was a community. Except for the people in apartment #1. That was sort of the transition apartment, where people usually lived about a year and then moved on to different places.

We had parties and everyone came out and celebrated. Some brought pozole, some rice and beans, and others blasted the cumbia music with their Sanyo Speakers. Everyone brought out their vinyl kitchen chairs and we enjoyed the festivities until the late night.

Nowadays, I can’t even ask people for salt.

In the past seven years I’ve moved four times, and nothing has been like La Vecindad family. Everyone keeps to themselves. Some people say hi to you one day and then completely ignore you the next. Others just give you the nod and then there are some who¬†are just stuck up.¬†

So with my previous experiences, this current little visit from my parents’ neighbor surprised me. As you may know I am temporarily staying at my parents house and they have a couple of neighbors that fit every mold.

They have the dog-walking people who like you because you also have dog, and often strike up conversation about how well your dog looks for her age.

Then you have the older ladies, that often look out their window like they’re the captains of the¬†Neighborhood Watch. They wake up at five o’clock in the morning and sweep their empty drive way, or pick up the one leaf that fell on the floor.

They also have the weed-smoking people who blame the smell on the rocker chick with the two cats, but it’s probably the seventy-year old couple with glaucoma.

They are all pretty neighborly, I guess.

But this¬†neighbor … this one can borrow salt any time.¬†¬†

I heard a knock at the door and didn’t really know who it was, I mean the UPS chick had already stopped by, and the Sparkletts¬†dude didn’t come by until tomorrow.¬†I just saw some lady with blond hair through the¬†peep-hole.

I opened the door. It was Tarzan‘s wife. Yeah Tarzan. My parents¬†happen to be neighbors with some dude that used to play Tarzan in some of those old¬†movies back in the 60s. He was pretty well-known, I guess. I never knew my parents knew Tarzan.

Anyhow, his wife happen to stop by because she wanted to ask me a question.

Do you like chocolate?

Do I like chocolate! She hasn’t known me that long.

As I smiled and said of course, she¬†showed me¬†the large¬†Ziploc bag that she had at her side. It was filled with¬†bite-sized brownies —¬†The Petite Brownie Bites from Costco.

Image via Sugarbowlbakery.com


Have you ever had these? They are awesome. They are from something called Sugar Bowl Bakery and if you like chocolate you know what I’m talking about.

She bought a Costco-sized box and said that if she didn’t give any away she might eat the whole tub herself.

What’s wrong with that, right?

I mean I’ve done it before. Just walk it off the next day.

But apparently she did not think having the entire tub of brownies in her house was a good idea, so she was wondering if I wanted the dozen that she had in the bag. She tried to encourage me by suggesting that I could give some to my son.

I didn’t need any encouragement.¬†

I ate¬†the whole¬†bag while watching Person of Interest. It’s an hour-long drama. I was done half-way through the show. I couldn’t help myself.

Tarzan’s wife rocks. She’d be fine in La Vecindad.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

17 Apr


Claim Jumper’s Chocolate Silk Pie and a fork


Two Subjects: Claim Jumper’s Chocolate Silk Pie of awesomeness and a fork. No knife needed to cut a slice. No¬†plate needed.¬†Just the fork.

Subject to be devoured when you get a D on your Statistics Midterm.

Subject to arrive the night before an O-Chem final and English paper.

Subject to arrive the night after an O-Chem final and English paper.

Subject to be drowned in when not passing the BAR EXAM.

Subject to candles when you pass the BAR EXAM.

Subject to be consumed after writing your 300-page thesis.

Subject to have on-call 24 hours a day during college years when your hot study partner introduces you to his long-time girlfriend, which he never mentioned.

Get a bigger fork.

No more pie?

Ugh … change the subject.

Two Subjects.