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The Holy-Crap Moment of the Year

31 Mar

In truth I had given up on it.

I wanted it to happen. I thought it would be awesome for something like that to happen, but after seeing nothing of the kind my first year, and 365 posts later, I sort of just put it on the back of mind. I forgot about it. I thought stuff like that doesn’t happen to George Costanza people like me. It just doesn’t.

So I moved on and found appreciation in other small successes. I thought the little milestones I was reaching were awesome enough for me. Reaching 500, 600 … 900 subscribers. Getting 10,000 views. Blogoversaries. Blogger Award Badges from fellow bloggers. Hitting that publish button after figuring out the right combination of words to describe my latest shenanigans. Being part of a writing community who thinks I’m as cute as I need to be to do what I got to do.


Celebrating with a happy dance.

Celebrating with a happy dance.

All these were celebratory moments for me … high-five-worthy moments, chocolate worthy moments, Claim Jumper Chocolate Silk Pie worthy moments, Black Magic Chocolate Cake Worthy moments, and Holy-Crap worthy moments.

But this weekend … this weekend was the biggest Holy-Crap moment of my blogging existence.

I was Freshly Pressed worthy.

I was one of the lucky bloggers to be showcased on the WordPress Highlight Reel. I got my gold star. And that in and of itself was awesome enough. I was dancing to Pharrell Williams’s Happy all day. I was on a Freshly-Pressed high. Someone else had seen something in my writing. They’d seen it. It. And they were ready to tell the whole neighborhood.

I pride myself in finding the funny in moments that should normally make me jump off a cliff. I manage to write Saturday Night Live Skits of the I-Can’t-Believe-This-Just-Happened-To-Me Moments in my life. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and embarrassment, went on in surviving a life sentence within a dysfunctional family so when others can relate to my stories or I can make them laugh it pleases me. I was happy when I thought one of these comedies was chosen.

But when I realized they had chosen a post about my Dad it meant so much more, especially since the big Fight For Air Climb that I was doing in his honor was taking place this Saturday. I realized that even though my Dad had passed away a few years ago people were getting a chance to know him, and I was the one making the introduction.

It was definitely a Holy Crap moment and I was grateful.

I wanted to thank all of you who took the time to click the link, read the story, and join the ride.  Fasten your seat belts people because as my buddy Cayman would say … it’s gonna be Guatacular. And I also wanted to thank my loyal readers who discovered the story before it hit the front page. It’s been an awesome milestone I didn’t think I would reach, but so glad I finally did and that you were there with me to celebrate.

Giddy up!




Celebrating 600 Posts with a 12 by 12 Challenge

12 Mar

I took on the challenge. As a chocoholic I couldn’t possibly resist.

Although the title itself made me a little hesitant. I hate titles that tell me I need to do something. 10 steps you need to jumpstart your career. 10 exercises you need for flatter abs. 10 things your relationship needs right now. 10 celebrities you need to watch for. I don’t need to do anything. You don’t know me. So most of the time I don’t pay attention to stuff like this.

But something caught my eye.

I looked passed the bossy need in the title and just focused on the key words: Life-Changing Chocolate Cakes.

Yeah if you say something like that to someone like me, you better have the Bobby Flay-Tyler Florence-Food Network chops to back it up or we’re gonna have problems.

So I looked at the pictures, accompanying this article.



Don’t know if they’d be life-changing but I could guarantee they’d fix a this-sucks-bottom-less-pit kind of day in a second.


Twelve ultra chocolatey cakes claiming to possess the supernatural power to change your state.

The pictures were pretty convincing, so I told myself I was up for the challenge. After looking at the pictures, my son said he would help too. Official test taster. My daughter would be the egg cracker and flour pourer. So seeing how I was fully staffed I felt I was properly prepared to take on the challenge. Twelve cakes in twelve weeks.

I figured this week would be the perfect time to launch this challenge, seeing how I wrote my 600th post and all. I figured it was time to celebrate.

Chocolate is always a great celebratory treat.

And Double Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream sounded like the way to go.


What did I start with ... only the best ingredient

What did I start with … only the best ingredient.


Added some fresh ingredients

Added some fresh ingredients.


I was able to turn the raspberries into this swiss meringue buttercream filling. I love chocolate. I really do, but this was definitely the best part of the cake.

I was able to turn the raspberries into this Swiss meringue buttercream filling. I love chocolate. I really do, but this was definitely the best part of the case.


Made sure I spread it over every crack and crevasse.

Made sure I spread it over every crack and crevasse.


My finished product ...

My finished product …


Let the taste testing begin.

The taste-testing phase begun …


Incidentally I have to thank my good friend Gisela for sending me these cake recipes.

Don’t you love it, when a friend gets you.  Really gets you.

If you want to try this recipe out here it is.


Celebrate Because Milestones Rock

18 Apr




I saw this and realized yeah … I used to do this. Probably still do sometimes, but not as much. Now that I’m a Meditation-Zen Seeker and Happiness Project Explorer I’m all about giving myself gold stars whenever I get anything accomplished. I celebrate because milestones rock.


Woo Hoo!! The Guat Makes 200!

22 Jul

I’ve reached it. I’ve done it. I’m there. Now 165 more to go.

To most people it really isn’t a big deal. Two hundred days is something that happens to them no matter what goes on in the world. They go to sleep, they wake up, and it’s there.  The day. Two hundred of them crossed off the calendar they got from Target. If you’re Latino you cross off your days from the panaderia calendar you got for free … you know the one with the Aztec warrior in full head-dress costume kneeling down or holding some chick in a white dress in his arms. No worries we have one too.

But I don’t need that calendar to mark off the days. I got this one. Word Press counted down.

I’m not one of those people who don’t appreciate little milestones. I’ve learned from all the crappy moments I’ve had that I need to celebrate the little things to get me those moments of happiness. I’m sure if I was Oprah or someone like that, I wouldn’t be making such a hoopla about all this, she’s got a lot more to celebrate than just 200 days. But I’m not Oprah so I’m hanging on to these little moments. And I’ve realized throughout this blogging experience that I’ve come across a select few who also appreciate a milestone of this nature.

I party like little Woodstock

Writers. Bloggers.

Food bloggers, travel bloggers, movie bloggers, music bloggers, television bloggers, sports bloggers, adventure seeking bloggers, inspirational bloggers, mom bloggers, dad bloggers … all kinds of bloggers. You most definitely appreciate 200 days of writing because you’re in the writing trenches with me.

So how is it that I celebrated such an accomplishment today. Did I call somebody? Did I tell somebody? No, this was not a main topic for conversation, apparently it’s sort of an email or text-worthy accomplishment for some people. However, I feel that all the little Guat stories I’ve shared deserve more than just a polite “Oh. That’s cool,” via text. If I get a text I’m looking for the best damn text you’ve sent. I’m looking for something more along the lines of “Holy Crap! That’s great!” But the only one who can say something like that is me and I can’t really text or call myself, so instead I’m celebrating myself.

And random people might read this and think well … that’s not such a big deal. It’s good, but not great. But before you go burning me out, have you ever done something worthwhile 200 times? 200 times in six months?

I have, so I’m giving myself a pat on the back. I’m toasting to myself. I’ve learned that if I’m not gonna do it, then who is, right? So I raise my glass of Framboise and toast to celebrating the Guat. If you have a drink, raise it up … Salud!

I celebrate that for 200 times, I’ve been smart enough to find humor in the “suckiest” of situations … Well, most of the time. I celebrate that even after a 12-hour mom shift and an extra gray hair, I still have the energy to write something genuine be it funny, embarrassing, dramatic, inspiring, or heartfelt and then press that publish button in the wee hours of the night. Every night. It’s so late that I actually have to use the word wee. I celebrate that I’ve done this 200 times. I celebrate that each of my 200 posts have been viewed by at least one person. I celebrate the like button, but I party hard when the comment section gets a visitor. I celebrate my followers, all 160+ of you. WOO-HOO! You decided that even though you’ve never met me, you think I’m amusing enough to check out on a weekly basis. I’ll drink twice to that one.

I celebrate The Guat. I celebrate The Wish Factor’s 200th post. I celebrate it with Framboise, some awesome Hawaiian chocolate, a Guat smile, and some dance moves. Some bad-ass La Chona dance moves and then an episode of Breaking Bad.