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Sandbox List Adventure 14: Dynamic Duo, Plus One, Riding The Waves

6 Jul

I guess I’m on a roll. I hadn’t been on a roll in a while … a couple of months. But I’m on it. It felt good to be on a roll … to be rollin … to be keeping the momentum. It makes me think my life is less crappy. It makes me feel less weathered. It lowers my blood pressure. It stops the gray hairs from popping out … at least just for the day. I’ve come to realize that rolls are important and I need to make sure I stay on them as long as possible.

So I was thankful for the beach … again. It provided for another opportunity of growth, another opportunity of life, another stress reliever, another Dynamic Duo Bucket List and Sandbox List Adventure. Another opportunity for my son and I to cross off items from our wish list. And this time … my daughter joined in on the adventure.

In truth I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it. All this time hanging out like Gidget at the beach and I hadn’t tried it. I couldn’t believe it. It’s really a kid thing, I guess. All you see are these Nickelodeon-XBox loving kids hit the waves. But it’s never too late for an AMC-FX-HBO loving kid to represent the Pippi Longstock Generation on the waves.

So my Body Glove board shorts actually hit the board. The Boogie Board.

And it was awesome, so much so that my son and daughter decided to be awesome too. So we all had our first boogie boarding experience this week and it was better than expected. I had it all: The rush of catching the perfect wave and riding it all the way to shore, the Oh-My-God moment of seeing dolphins swim in the ocean while I was trying to swim too, and the most awesome experience of The Wipeout which allowed me to feel the wrath of the waves.

Sometimes waves don’t like to be ridden, luckily we found a few that didn’t mind it so much. And it didn’t matter that there were only a few … what mattered was that there were some at all and I was able to ride them.

I finally did it. It took me twenty-something years to do it, but I did it, and I was happy to share the moment with my kids. Although they didn’t really enjoy The Wipeouts. They didn’t find them fun at all. Saltwater isn’t too tasty and it burned their eyes. But they still got up and tried again. There we were The Dynamic Duo, plus one, riding the waves.


Testing out the waters before our adventure.

Testing out the waters before our adventure.


A little surprise from the sea just as he starts to paddle off,

A little surprise from the sea just as he starts to paddle off.


His sister learning the ropes.

His sister learning the ropes and definitely enjoying this adventure.

We Were Guat Superheros, With Plenty of Suncsreen

1 Jul

I was resurrected today. The crappiness from yesterday must have drowned in the salt water. Granted I didn’t dunk myself willingly, but falling off our Body Glove boogie board has never felt so good.

It must have been the goofy George McFly in me … And holding onto my son so he wouldn’t drown. These were definitely the contributing factors to rolling around in wet sand and tasting the saltiness of the ocean. The sneaky second wave probably helped too.

The Cure

There’s nothing like the beach to help you overcome a crappy day.

Now hauling two kids with all the multiple baggage and large beach accessories that go with that may seem like Mission Impossible at first. Beach chair, beach umbrella, blanket, duffel bag, diaper bag, and boogie board. I looked like a walking garage sale with two kids. But I managed to strap everything on and made my way down the boardwalk and onto the sand.

The cooler with our lunch? No need. Today we were at a beach party. A Superhero-Avengers-themed birthday party, complete with a massive food buffet. Everything from Chinese Chicken Salad, Pirate Booty Popcorn and pizza to jimaca, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon and Superhero birthday donuts. But you all know about my donut experience, don’t you? Regardless, the food rocked my world. My stomach was very happy.

I know the kids were supposed to have a great time, and they did. But for some reason the beach definitely did it for me today and the giddiness of the three-four-five-and six-year-olds at the party rubbed off on me. I was no superhero, but I sure felt like one when I left. They tend to feel awesome even when they don’t have their capes. This is what the beach party did for me today.

My friend and her family are just great people. Not only is she genuinely kind and thoughtful, but she’s funny and warm. She gives you that good feeling, the kind of feeling you get from eating great chocolate. She’s very welcoming and it’s not the fake I’m-going-to-do-it-for-appearances-Ladies-Home-Journal kind. So I definitely think this contributed to the great atmosphere surrounding my little superhero feeling.

Usually when I arrive I unload all the gear and just want to plop down and relax for a few minutes. Just take in the scenery and rest. But there was something different about my outlook today.

Once we arrived to the birthday camp, we were helped with the unloading process and set ourselves up. I was ready to go adventure the beach in a different way — the party way.

After slathering on various coats of sunscreen with SPF, UVB, UVA and all the other important capital letters my son looked at his boogie board and smiled.

“Let’s go surfing.”

So we hit the water. But that wasn’t the only fun we had. We got into it today, digging our massive giant hole from the start, having a water gun/splasher fight, chasing bubbles, playing with sand crabs, ping-pong battles, and mastering the Frisbee.

However, our most exciting was the surfing. Well, we didn’t go “surfing” in the traditional sense of the word. But  we hung out along the coastline and caught the waves as they crashed onto the shore. My son did his best to balance and maintain his best surfing pose.

“C’mon mom, you can be like me. I’m surfing like Jack Johnson. Surf with me.”

So I did. I joined the party.

And after every fall, the splash in the salty water and the flops in the wet sand made us laugh. We knew we had sand everywhere, but we felt good anyway. We were Guat Superheros without the capes, but with plenty of sunscreen.