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Sandbox List Adventure: A Different Perspective

7 Feb

These tiny pieces of plastic have dominated my home in form of skyscrapers, superheroes, fire engines, policemen, airplanes, miniature villages, tiny people with their own adventures, books, stickers, games, calendars, and the mecca … LEGOLAND itself.

But this … this was something he hadn’t seen before so the excitement was building.

It was his many stories … his imagination coming to life on the big screen and he wanted to see it. He wanted to experience it. He wanted to see what someone had created with the very same LEGOS he plays with everyday. He wanted to see someone’s story. He wanted to see what they came up with … he wanted to compare stories … he wanted to get ideas. He wanted to go on another LEGO adventure. A big one.

The LEGO Movie.

I’d been hearing about it for weeks.


The countdown had been on.

And the day was finally here, but seeing how this was The LEGO Movie I figure I’d step it up a notch.

In all my years of movie-watching I’d never experienced the 3D version of anything, neither has my son or daughter. So I figured we’d go big on this LEGO Movie and pack in as much LEGO love as possible. Seeing LEGOS in a different perspective was pretty awesome for all of us. I recommend it. It was a great story of a “… ‘Nobody’ who saved everybody.” I’d give you a full review of the movie, but figured I didn’t want to ruin the magic for those of you who hadn’t seen it. And if you haven’t seen it, I strongly suggest you take your own kindergarteners on this Sandbox List Adventure. They’ll thank you for it.


The poster we passed on a weekly basis that reminded me when this adventure would debut.

The poster we passed on a weekly basis that reminded me when this adventure would debut.


Dude. I thought finding parking in front of the theater was awesome ... I can't tell you how Guatacular this sight was ... no line. I prepared myself for an onslaught of elementary school kids ... so glad we got the matinee right after school.

Dude. I thought finding parking in front of the theater was awesome … I can’t tell you how Guatacular this sight was … no line. I prepared myself for an onslaught of elementary school kids and massive lines … so glad we got the matinee right after school.


Hanging out in the lobby meeting one of the co- stars.

Hanging out in the lobby meeting one of the co- stars.


My daughter was pretty fond of the female lead, and I gotta say so was I. Lucy rocked.

My daughter was pretty fond of the female lead, and I gotta say so was I. Lucy rocked.


Our first 3D glasses, but probably not our last.

Our first 3D glasses, but probably not our last.


One of the best views of my day ... my kids enjoying every minute.

One of the best views of my day … my kids enjoying every minute … complete with popcorn.



For All The Single Ladies …

30 May

In case you are still looking for “the one”  …




Weekly Image of Life Challenge: Nature’s Bliss

23 May
Enjoying nature's bliss under water.

Enjoying nature’s bliss under water.


Sometimes I am so jealous of Aquaman … he can enjoy this all the time without fearing a shark attack or running out of air.

Nature rocks. It makes you forget about your city problems.



Weekly Image of Life Challenge Courtesy of This Man’s Journey


Personal Space Hijackers

13 May

What is it with you?


You are not family. You are not friends. You are not even hi-and-bye acquaintances. You’re strangers. Complete I-don’t-know-you people who should respect the personal space radius surrounding me. At least a three to five yard circumference, depending on where we are. But you don’t get it. You just don’t. You walk on up with no regard for that piece of earth, that region, that atmosphere that surrounds me and that I lay claim to as soon as I walked into it. Psychologically speaking, it’s mine. I called it. But there you are, completely disregarding the rules of the universe, thus branding you a jackass.

I’m tired of you, constantly showing up. Unannounced.

If this goes any further, we might have lead roles on the latest episode of Oxygen’s Snapped!, and I assure you, you probably wouldn’t like the part. But you have no one to blame but yourself. And don’t claim ignorance. I know you know. You do. You know. You just don’t care and it’s this blatant disregard that really burns me out. If you keep at it, there’s no amount of chocolate that will help settle the wrath boiling within. So you better recognize and get steppin’. Recognize!

I wake up early, you know. I don’t like waking up early. I’m not a morning person, but I make it happen, because the reward is big. The beach. It’s nature. It has the perfect spot just waiting for me. It’s not too close to the waves, but not too far from the shoreline. Just close enough to hear the waves crashing and smell the salt of sea. It’s a place where the sand is soft and not too grainy. No seaweed in sight, no seagulls, and far enough from the volleyball courts so that I don’t get smashed with one in the face. The perfect spot for your towel. Me time with a view. These things are necessary for my own sanity. So I get there early, so I can get my spot. I scout the space. The beach is huge. Miles of space. But I figure out which piece of sand is best for me, and I set up my personal space radius. Towel. Chanclas. Beach chair. Bag.


This is me. This is my spot. Ready for "me time," until they show up ... personal space killers.

This is me. This is my spot. Ready for “me time,” until they show up … personal space killers.


There it is. You see me. I know you do. You see the stretch of sand on the right, the stretch of sand on the left. Those patches are attached to me. Anything within arms or foot reach is within my personal space circle. You know that. I know you do, because I bet you don’t sidle up to anybody at the ATM machine. You give them their space. So why? Why do you insist on hijacking my personal space? There is plenty of  sand and space beyond mine. Plenty. And some without seaweed. But what do you?


The Personal Space Hijackers. Right there.

The Personal Space Hijackers. It looks like I know them, right? My towel is next to the buckets. You would think I was part of the family, right? NO. No. I’m not.  These are the people who suck.

Are you kidding me!


I know you heard me and my suggestions for you to move further away. I know you saw my dirty looks and eye rolls when you didn’t. I know you heard my hostility. But no, that didn’t matter. Nice or angry, neither approach worked for you. You didn’t care. You just had your agenda to hijack my space and ruin my day. You suck. I bet if I were wearing a thong and showing half my ass, your wives and their crazy bitchy nature would have walked further down to the empty piece of land a few yards away. Thongs.

I’m not the thong-wearer. I’m a board shorts apparel owner. So in order to regain my personal space, I had to leave my perfect spot in search of another. I ended up surrounded by seagulls, seaweed scraps, and no direct view of the beach. Just cellulite and bikinis that really should have been one piece swimsuits.

Karma … you better handle this. Personal Space Hijackers suck. They really do. I hope there is a flat tire with no spare, no air-conditioning, and no cell service in their future. I really do.


Ever Have One of Those Days …

26 Apr
Image via LeFunny.net

Image via LeFunny.net



My Woo-Hoo Badges of Honor

19 Apr

When spectacular things don’t happen to you on a daily basis, you look for tiny little good moments to wrap your brain around, so as to avoid your blood pressure from rising. You reach and grasp for whatever you can so that you go to bed thankful for something. Something!

Things like finding a five-dollar bill in your freshly laundered Gain-smelling jeans.

Things like finding a spare key when you’re locked out of the house.

Things like the last Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Square waiting for you at the bottom of the bag.

Things like being able to take the carpool lane when traffic is jammed and passing the jackass that cut you off in the process.

Things like the makers of Framboise who help you out on Friday nights.

Things like BenGay and ice packs to help your weary muscles and bones.

Things like FX and AMC that rock your world because you no longer have HBO.

Things like the bloggers who surprise you with awards and make you feel like a badass writer.


Now usually I’m on top of awards and I post my gold stars right away, but with all the training for the race it escaped me. But it’s never too late to acknowledge the people who think I’m “Guatacular.”



Cayman Thorn, Clay Watkins, and Jim. Cayman Thorn over at Drinks Well with Others nominated me for the Very Inspiring Award, which goes to show you that someone out there — a comic, sensitive genius himself — finds my sense of humor inspiring out there. Clay at Making The Days Count and Jim a Fit Recovery both nominated me for the Liebster Award. They both write about life and their own journeys to make the most out of it.

I totally accept these woo-hoo badges of honor and wanted to let them know that …


Image via QuotableCards.com

Image via QuotableCards.com


I know there are specific rules for these types of awards, like tell us a couple interesting facts about yourself, post the award on your site, and nominate 10 people … give or take. But I’m gonna break a few of these rules in order to pass both honors to blogs I think are definitely worthy of appreciation and gold stars. I appreciate the blogging love given to me and I send out double the love to the following bloggers who inspire me with their travels, their photographs, and their ability to make me laugh.


TBM at the 50 Year Project

Baz The Landy Out and About Having Fun

Stephen Kelly Creative

Patrick Latter at Hiking Photography

Justin Gawel at Ramblings From An Apathetic Baby


The Time is Write

Lame Adventures

They keep the blogosphere awesome and entertaining with adventure, dreams, pictures that are priceless, and comedy. Don’t forget comedy, it keeps the gray hair away and the blood pressure down. Feel free to stop by and get a dose of inspiration in a variety of ways.


My RSVP to the Fitness Party

17 Apr

I’ll have to admit. I had to look it up.

I wasn’t aware of this phenomenon. In truth I hadn’t been to the gym since my college days where step classes were the latest workout rage. I’m not fond of gyms, too many beefcakes checking themselves out in the mirrors and too many naked chicks in the locker rooms admiring themselves. I’m not into narcissism so I like to work out in the privacy of my own home where I can where sweatpants and nobody will judge me for not wearing a matching sports bra. Or I exercise outdoors where there is nothing to admire but nature.

So when someone sent me an invitation for something called a Zumbathon, I had no idea what they were talking about. But Google enlightened me. Apparently it is something well-known in the fitness world. It involves Latin dancing and exercise moves that make you sweat in a fun way. That is just Zumba, but a Zumbathon is a two or three-hour session of this moving and shaking. I guess it’s a nice way to shed the pounds. They call it the “fitness party.” I’m not sure I like this phrase. My idea of a party does not involve exercising. Dancing yes, lifting weights and sweating in front of people? No, not really.

But nevertheless this whole Zumbathon was for a good cause. They are raising money for an old high school acquaintance who has Leukemia. So I thought if it’s for her, why not. We weren’t best buddies and we didn’t hang out and eat Corn Nuts together at lunch, but we had a few laughs when we joined forces at track meets. She was the track and I was the field.  Believe it or not my scrawny 130 pound self was a shot putter and a damn good one. I always came in first place against opponents. They underestimated me. I had a lot rage. Boys. They suck in high school. I mean they suck all the time, but more so in high school.

My only hesitation was the whole running into old high school people. I don’t like running into people, which is probably why I’ve fallen off the Facebook world. People find you and I’m more of the if-I-want-to-hang-out-with-you-I’ll-call-you frame of mind. But it’s for a good cause so I sent in my RSVP and will be participating in this fitness party this weekend. I better brace myself for the whole Oh-My-God-I-haven’t-seen-you-in-years-what-are-you-doing-now conversation. Plus all these people will probably be taking pictures with their camera phones and immediately posting it on their Facebook status. What is that? What is that! I’m not into being tagged and broadcasted on pages so that other high school people can find me. But I’m sure I’ll be all right. I’ll bring sunglasses.

However in terms for the actual exercise part of this event. I don’t know. How do you train for this sort of thing,? I don’t think you do, really. I mean it’s not a sport. I’m still in pretty good shape because of my recent Fight For Air Climb and I’ve kept up with my regular workouts. So I don’t think I’ll be out of breath. And there’s definitely no need to practice dance moves, because those are just natural for my Guatemalaness. So I guess will just have to see what comes out of this fitness party.


Image via LeFunny.net

Image via LeFunny.net


Hopefully I won’t end up looking like the chick on the right during this whole event. I’ll keep you posted.



Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

2 Apr

Sometimes This Happens And When It Does … It Makes My Day

22 Feb





A Gold Star That Helped During Flu Season

19 Feb

I never really thought my perception of reality would be honored in any fashion. Sometimes it’s too real, which is why comedy must happen. I need to laugh or find the funny, otherwise I’d just jump off a cliff. So when my good friend Cayman Thorn over at Drinks Well With Others nominated me for the “Reality Blog Award,” I thought … Holy Crap. My real must definitely resonate.

I thought they were just crappy moments I spun to amuse myself, you know silver lining and all, but little did I know I had a couple of fans who appreciated The Guat reality even when I was a little out of if for about two weeks because of the flu. But regardless of my NyQuil moments I still put it all out there.



I purge. As writers this tends to happen, which might be the very reason why my buddy gave me some props. But in truth the props should be for him. Cayman is badass. He’s one of the funniest writers I know and he doesn’t even have to try that hard. It’s organic, no pesticides or hormones. Just genuine comedy and that is hard find out here in the blogosphere. And even though he writes under a pseudonym he’s more real than any reality show out there. He’d probably get better ratings too. He put the “uuuuuuuuuuu” in “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude.” He talks of sports, life, current events and much more. And he does an awesome job.  He defined this award as “tapping into the world you’re moving through and extracting the flavor through your keyboard …” I mean who comes up with such a great combination of words, the kind of fusion that makes you pause in mid-sentence and say Holy Crap! A badass. That’s who. An awesome badass over at Drinks Well With Others.

And seeing how this great writer thought I was worthy enough of an award, well I guess it means I’m not that bad either.  Some people shy away from awards, no mention of them in posts or comments. But me? I always enjoy getting gold stars, ever since Mrs. Torres’s kindergarten class. They make me feel like I’m on the right track.

So in honor of being on the right track I accept the award and continue this post with the rules: Five questions and my nominees. Sometimes awards have questions to get to the root of you, so here’s my attempt at answering them.

1- If you could change something what would you change?- Living at my parents. I’m a grown-ass woman with two kids. I should have my own place, something with a walk-in closet. But life has been tough this year … for everyone, and I know there are others out in my same predicament. But I’m sure they’d want to change that too.

2) If you could relive one day, when would that be? Going to the baseball game with my dad and son. If I knew it was the last game we’d ever see together, I would’ve brought the camera.

3) What one thing really scares you?  If something terrible were to happen to my kids. (Cayman had this answer and I couldn’t agree with it more. I think I would end up on an episode of Oxygen’s Snapped! if something were to ever happen to my kids and the person responsible would probably be six-feet under).

4) What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it?-  Publishing one of my books. And I don’t mean self-publish either, although that’s still considered published, but I’d like the real publish. The kind that gets me a good letter in the mail and not the “it’s-not-you-it’s-me” rejection letter. But I still got time. I’m not dead yet.

5) If you could be someone else for the day, who would you be?-   Probably a writer who’s been published.

And here are my nominees …

I know Cayman gave me the award and I normally don’t give it back to the person who gave it to me, but he’s that good. So if you get a chance definitely check him out over at Drinks Well With Others. His fiction is awesome.

Me 2.0 She hasn’t written in a really long time, but I discovered her late in the game. And she found a way to bring humor into a very real situation. I still read her blog entries from the past and I hope she gets back on the writing wagon, because she is definitely an inspiration at finding the humor when you don’t think there’s any.

Stephen Kelly Creative has opened my eyes to photography and travel. His recent insights on his trip to Australia definitely took me back and helped me find perspective. He puts the personal in his shots and I always appreciate how he showcases that with good writing.

This Man’s Journey encompassing everything this award is supposed to be. His stories are through pictures and all of them are real, energizing, amazing, lovely and inspiring. They do make you say Yipeee! Well they make you want to be a better photographer, family person and human spirit.

Andrea Kelly over at The Hand-Written Life definitely gets real. She talks about everything from books, television and music, to relationships and life moments. I really appreciate her honesty in her relationship posts and enjoy the inspiration she lays out whenever she comes across it in her life. She shares the wisdom she finds and I like being enlightened. The fact that she enjoys chocolate is a definite plus.

Lame Adventures is my go-to for humor. If I’m ever feeling down I know I can get a smile and a laugh from reading her posts. And there is no BS there, just real life and real funny. And anytime anybody can make me laugh that is definitely amazing, energizing and lovely.

Hope you guys get a chance to visit any or all of them.