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Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

22 Apr
Uluru, Austrailia

Uluru, Austrailia

This place changes your outlook any time of day. Even at 4 a.m. when you’re waiting for the sun to rise at 5 a.m.



Weekly Photo Challenge courtesy of The Daily Post



Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

3 Sep


The Sea.

Coming from California I see a lot of sea.

The Pacific Ocean is awesome.

It makes you a whole new you.

But I hadn’t been to Australia yet. And even though Cairns is still in the Pacific Ocean, it’s a whole new perspective

Nothing like the Great Barrier Reef, or The Coral Sea.

It encourages snorkeling and scuba diving.

And if there are sharks, no worries … I imagine they’d still bite me, but they would be Australian shark bites.

The Sea.



Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

13 Aug
Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia


Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia


Portrait or landscape either way… it still looks like a pretty spectacular place to go bungy jumping. But then again anything in Australia looks Bucket-List worthy especially when you’re on vacation.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

2 Aug
Sydney Opera House and Bridge

Sydney Opera House and Bridge


It took me about 15 hours to get there.

It was cold.

It was overcast.

It was raining.

It was The Masterpiece I waited to see my whole life.

It was awesome.

Even Mother Nature agreed how spectacular this was because it decided to shine its light on it.



Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

7 May
Checking out the scene.

Checking out the scene.


Planes, trains, and automobiles.

Sometimes things look better when you’re just hanging out … from above … standing still … up high … no people, no tour guides, no craziness.

No BS.

Just nature.

Sometimes it’s even better when you’re on vacation and it’s Australian nature and you’re sitting there with a nice piece of Australian chocolate.

From above.

Yeah sometimes when you’re on vacation from above is an awesome way to go.


Weekly Image of Life: Inspiration

29 Sep

Uluru, Australia


I have never been a morning person in my life.


But waking up knowing that I’d be spending the entire day here … that was definitely an inspiration.

It was almost five in the morning. It was about thirty degrees. And all I had on a long sleeve hooded cotton shirt. The thin kind.  I was freezing so much that my nose was running and I couldn’t stop shivering.

But I didn’t care.

Most definitely an inspiring adventure.








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This Gray Hair Belongs to Tim McGraw

20 Jan

From what I can tell, I’ve got 19 gray hairs. I’m sure I’ve got more in the back of my fro hiding away some where, making store clerks call me ma’am. Some of these grays were contributed by mom, dad, and sister. An acre of it claimed by the husband, for sure. Some by my son, others by the baby. And you know childbirth sprouted a few. No doubt. No doubt!

And I’m not a vain person, but these silver badges trolling through the locks of my hair look like spooky tree branches from a Twilight Movie. Not cool man. Not cool.

But then I see the one. I use Dove, Pantene Pro-V crap, fruit mist ionizer, and organic balm. This hair is fortified.

It’s the one that made it’s debut during my Bucket-List adventure. And I love it. I wish the rest of my grays came out that way, because at least I’d enjoy them. Now I just look at them and they age me. But this one…this one is a badge of adventure. Makes me smile every time I see it in the mirror, trying to blend in with the rest of my curly locks, knowing full well that it won’t.

But it wasn’t my idea. This gray hair belongs to Tim McGraw and his “I-went-skydiving-I-went-Rocky-Mountain-climbing-I-went-2.7-seconds-on-a-bull-named-Blue-Man-Chu” song.

Because of this song I decided ‘hey you need to go bungy jumping. Get an adventure.’  And so I signed up. What better place to do that than Down Under, right? I mean bungy jumping at the state fair…well…eh it’s o.k., but bungy jumping in Cairns, Australia. Damn! What up! G’Day Mate! Guatemala in the house!

Bungy jumping in general is not funny. Not at all, but dude. Talking yourself into it as you’re climbing a thousand steps on your way to be strung up by a rubber band. Dude. Classic! I thought the faster I do the paper work the less likely I’ll back out. In retrospect, you don’t want to rush through safety procedures. But after signing away my life, I walked the wooden bridge and passed all the slow pokes hearing the screamers jumping off. I thought … yeah…you’re going to scream your ass off.

As I climb up the steps… I tell myself  keep going…faster…you’ll be the first one at the top and just get it over with. Just get there and jump off. I work those steps like the Stairmaster at the gym. Let me tell you. Not smooth or fluid. Wood. You know how I feel about wood. It’s not soft when you fall on it. I reach the top, out of breath with no one behind me. They’re still chugging along the third staircase. But when I get there, three other people are waiting to be harnessed, and one just jumped off the ledge backwards. Duuuuuuuude. I was glad I skipped breakfast. As I waited for my turn I listened to each of them with their nerves and then the screams. This scene did not help my bravery. Pinche Tim McGraw.

I was a little shaky as the AJ Hackett Bungee dude slipped me into the harness and smiled.

“Gonna put this extra tight, don’t want you slip out, now.”

Not funny dude. Mate. Whatever. Not.

I grabbed hold of the before-you-jump-off-dumbass rope and held tight. Fibers crunching between my fingers. Shit. No turning back. My mom would freak. My dad would laugh.

Countdown, mate. 5-4-3-2-1!

Anxiety. Heart palpatations. Gray hair emerges. Adrenaline.  Jump. Profanity. Scream. Laughter. More screaming. Splash.

Gotta love that gray hair.