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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

2 Oct




You work hard all day.

You haven’t had time to sit down and relax. You haven’t had time to sit down period.

You’ve been on the go, non-stop since 6:43 a.m.

Your back aches, your head hurts, and your knees are tired.

You spent fourteen hours with a four-year old and a one year old.

You notice another gray hair.

Your mom shift is finally over.

You don’t want to see another sandbox, Lego block, monster truck, Hot Wheels, bulldozer, Little People doll, or Wonder Pets figurine the rest of the night.

You walk downstairs …and see it.

The Golf Channel.

Ummmmmmm. No. Hell no.

You turn around looking for it.

And there it is … hanging out by the television.

The all-powerful, the almighty … The remote control.

It’s mine.

It’s Tuesday night.

It’s Sons of Anarchy night.

It’s mine.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

26 Sep

Spending time alone




Without people. Being alone. Secluded.

This is not a bad thing, unless you’re in prison.

But for everyone else out there … every parent  or overworked person solitude is a good thing.

No yelling.

No Nickelodeon.

No diapers.

No laundry.

No cell phones.

No bosses.

No, what’s for dinner?

No chaos.

No hysteria.

No meltdowns.

No need for Advil.

But yes …

Yes for peaceful.

Yes for quiet.

Yes for alone time.

Yes for serenity.

Yes for “me” time.

Yes for margaritas.

Yes, for solitary.


At least once a month … yes.