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They Give Me Extra Umph … And Sometimes Stretchy Pants

4 Jun

So what’s next?

This is what a friend asked me after I had finished my 12 x 12 Chocolate Challenge, but the funny thing was that this question was already running around in my head as I was spreading the frosting across two chocolatey layers.

I needed something.

I didn’t want to be like the Dunkin’ Donuts guy … you know … time to make the donuts … time to make the donuts … time to make the donuts.

I wanted a little bit more.

But don’t get me wrong everybody has a routine and it’s good. I like routine, it helps keep the chaos in my life in order. But I also needed something outside of my routine. I needed something to look forward to, to get excited about … something that gave me emotional juice.

I realized all these personal projects, challenges, races, Sandbox List, and Bucket List Adventures were the something needed. I get umph after every accomplishment, and believe me when your life goes a little haywire every week, you need something to pull you out of the George Costanza existence and remind you that you’ve got it.

You need these little high-five moments to keep you going.

So I’m constantly in search of that extra umph, whether it has to do with food or adventure races I like the challenge and I like what it adds to my life. Sometimes the effect is dramatic and long-lasting, other times it’s small and lasts only moments. But regardless of the length of time it still impacts my life in a positive way. But most of all I think I enjoy the fact that it reminds me of two things. First … to live and enjoy the present, to enjoy what I think is fun even if I have Debbie Downers around me. And second is to always end the day on E, empty out my gas tank and leave it all out there whether it’s fun at the beach, rock climbing, writing books or vegging out on the couch. Go all the way, even if I have meltdowns or mistakes … no half measures.

So with all this in mind … what’s next?

Action? Adventure? Culinary Projects that feature stretchy pants in my future?

Yes. Yes to all of the above.

I have my New Balance ready to go for my first Color Run with the kids, followed by our annual triathlon involving the disastrous Devil’s Canyon and a lot of will power. But before all this athletic awesomeness takes place I felt the need for another cooking adventure and while hanging out at the library I found this …





Dude … how could I not?

And seeing how I love food and The Sopranos and Mob Week on AMC, I didn’t need a lot of convincing.

So what’s next?

Stretchy pants … definitely. For sure.



An Event Worthy of a Rocky Road Ice Cream Experience … Definitely Two Scoops

5 Aug

Finding $10,000? Definitely a lot.

10,000 kids running around at Legoland. Definitely too much.

Reaching 10,000 miles on your air bonus miles credit card. Rewarding.

Eating a meal worth 10,000 calories. Yum. Savoring every bite.

Michael Phelps swimming the equivalent to 10,000 meters during his Olympic career. Awesome moment.

The Wish Factor reaching 10,000 views. 10,000 visitors. People have actually stopped by 10,000 times, just to check out my adventures. Dude. The Guat smiles.

I knew it was coming … eventually. I knew that you were out there visitor 10,000 and 10,001. But I don’t even know your name. It happened late at night and I was probably watching the Olympics. I was probably cheering on Michael Phelps, the volleyball chicks, or the gymnastic squad. I was probably changing diapers. I was probably writing a post. I was probably drinking some Framboise. I logged on, and there it was … your footprint in Guat’s blogging history. You showed up like Cinderella to the party and left without leaving me your name. I don’t even know who you were … visitor 10,000 and 10,001. But I’m glad you came.

The Stats

You’re probably a good person, who likes chocolate. You like to laugh, sometimes so much that the side of your stomach hurts. You never thought you’d be a 10,000 anything. If I had a store and you walked in, balloons and streamers would probably come down and you’d win a prize. There you were appearing on my stats at 11:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. But maybe you weren’t even in my time zone. But if I knew who you were and where you were I’d probably give you the prize to my McDonald’s Happy Meal. Everyone knows about Happy Meals. Although I don’t eat McDonald’s anymore, I’d make a special stop just for you.

I know that some of these popular blogs and twitter people probably get that stat every week. Sheesh every day. No big deal for you. Just a regular Wednesday or something. But for the little Guat humor blogger who writes in the wee hours of the night it’s something of an accomplishment. It requires a rocky road ice cream experience. Definitely two scoops.