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A-HA! … The Stumbler Blew Me Away

8 May

They sneak up on you when you’re not looking. They blow your mind. And I love that!

They’re like power surges that give you the extra boost to make that cosmic shift or they realign your perspective. And the moment stops you and you zone out the chaos of the Nickelodeon population you are in charge of and you sit there and go … A-ha!


I had me one of those today.

I had an A-ha moment.

Sometimes I find them in movies, television, books, Super Soul Sunday Moments with my girls or hanging with my kids. They’re random and never planned, but they hit me when I need it. And I share an unlimited amount of gratitude with the universe for placing it in my path.

Today’s mind-blowing thought came from my blogging buddy Jackie Cangro who posted one her awesome Friday Fives posts. Jackie does this from time to time … she puts something up there that’s of particular interest to her and just like that! There’s a power shift and I get all Zen.

Today Jackie introduced me to The Moral Bucket List by David Brooks and I rediscovered the concept of Eulogy Virtues and Resume Virtues. As Brooks explains, eulogy virtues are the qualities people talk about at your funeral, the resume ones are the skills you bring to the work force.

I’d been introduced to them before, but like everyone else things get put on hold while you’re trying to catch up with life. But I was reminded that while I’m chasing my dreams and “external achievements” I’ve got to remember to keep my sense of “unfakeable inner virtue” in this career-driven bubble. I may not be there yet in terms of achievement, but I’ve got “unfakeable inner virute” and that’s a big part of my character and a promising quality to keep cultivating with what Brooks calls moral and spiritual accomplishments … A.K.A. The Moral Bucket List, which he fully described and proceeded to wow me. It was a whole another level. My favorite point, the one that hit home the most, was the stumbler philosophy …

The stumbler doesn’t build her life by being better than others, but by being better than she used to be …

Duuuuuuuuuude that’s when my mind was blown. The Stumbler.

Jackie you rock.



Reflection is a Good Thing, Even When You’re Not Drinking

17 May

As a writer it’s embarrassing. It shouldn’t even happen, but I’m sure all you busy people who value sleep understand.

They sit there on the table or night stand, night after night. Some of them collecting dust. You don’t mean for it to happen. You have good intentions, but that’s what they just end up being: intentions and not actions. Books and reading. As a writer I should be devouring like one or two a month, right? I should be immersing myself in the drama of the characters and the knowledge that the hidden lessons bring. I should be enriching my mind — reflecting –with the creativeness of awesome books. All this reflection, and nice glass of wine to go with it.

But does this happen? No.

Chapter One gets started and then Chapter Two waits … and waits … and waits. After a while Chapter Two just flips you off and sits there feeling rejected and dejected.

I came across some of these crestfallen books on the nightstand and couldn’t even remember when it was that I read Chapter One. But as I opened them up there stood the evidence that I was once there. The bookmark. It stared up at me saying: ‘What the hell? Where you been?’


But then I came across a different kind of bookmark. It was a picture of me taken thirteen years ago. My arms were up in the air and I was truly enjoying myself. I was in the moment! I was at a theme park on Halloween and had just survived my third maze of horror, where people dressed as zombies and ghouls came out of the dark and scared the crap out of you.

I smiled. Sigh. I looked at it and said ‘What the hell? Where you been?’

It was a good discovery. I’ve been down in the dumps lately, so when I came across this photo I was reminded of myself. For some reason I had forgotten that chick in the picture. She’d been missing for a while, but I was glad to have found her by accident in a pile of forgotten books.

This discovery afforded me the opportunity to check myself out and realize that the chick in the picture was still here … underneath the yoga pants and college football shirt, and behind the sleep-deprived eyes that chick who celebrated Halloween with such awesomeness was still here. Tired, but here.

Reflection is a good thing, even when you’re not drinking.

“Reflection is the opposite of ‘trying too hard’ of forcing an answer. Reflection is more a matter of allowing an answer to unfold right before your eyes, often with little or no effort on your part.” — Richard Carlson Ph.D.