Feel Good 5 Friday … on a Saturday Night that turned to Sunday

6 Jun

Cherry Garcia.

I can’t believe I had never tried it until yesterday.

Sometimes you go into the freezer to grab a celebratory treat, satisfy a sweet tooth, or comfort after a bad day. Motivation behind the freezer-reach is different but the result is the same.

Feeling good.

Sometimes it’s a great run. Sometimes is a funny show. Sometimes the sweet tunes of a mixed tape. Sometimes Ben & Jerry’s.

As I mentioned before, I was only introduced to Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead in college, freshman year. Music setting a feel-good vibe. And today’s discovery of this sweet, creamy ice cream flavor, tagged with music, was definitely my jam.

Sometimes choices and options are so popular you avoid them because everybody does it and that turns you off. You like to set your path. Other times you just never get around to it, until you do.

Has that ever happened? You just never tried something, even in the midst of popular opinion, just never got around to it? A friend of mine had never seen I Love Lucy. Someone else had never done a 5k. Another friend said she’d never gone to the snow, which made me think that many people had never gone to a beach or a desert. Someone else had never baked a cake, not even the Betty Crocker kind. Another friend had never tried to play a musical instrument, which made me think that some people may never have tried dancing. Made me curious as to why people just don’t get around to trying something new that almost everyone has already gotten to experience. Doesn’t have to be any of this stuff, as geography and money can factor into certain experiences. But trying something new probably means paying attention to what your path looks like, and whether new experiences can help enrich your life, or not. Sometimes it’s a risk. Sometimes trying something new is part of the act of self-care. Doesn’t have to be something big, adventurous, popular, or expensive. Just something new.

I had never tried Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

It’s not a big deal. It was just a thing that surprised me.

I’d always seen in it in the freezer next to my Chunky Monkey and Cookie Dough, but never wanted to try it, really. I like cherries, but not maraschino cherries. Sometimes I worry about the risk of trying something new and then it burning me out because it turns out bad. Wasting money. But then maybe it’s not a waste if it allows you to get to know yourself better. Likes and dislikes.

An awesome moment of hard work led to the freezer section of the Smart&Final. Reward in Aisle 2. But a bad encounter that evening, involving an argument and a putdown, led to pop open that top and try something new.


Cherry Garcia hit that spot. Blocked the negative and made way for the positive. Sometimes trying something new does that for me. Sometimes it’s exercise. Sometimes it’s laughter. And sometimes it’s good music. Like Feel Good 5 Friday on any day.

Buen Camino …










5 Responses to “Feel Good 5 Friday … on a Saturday Night that turned to Sunday”

  1. Sorryless June 6, 2021 at 8:10 PM #

    Yanno, maiden voyages don’t have to end at Excelsior, but that’s the rocket fueled hope when we set off in search of a new jam. And if it ends up being a downer, well . . that’s what makes the next try even more worth it. And you found your win, with a cherry on top, and I CANNOT believe you had never tried it. (I haven’t but now I might because of you). You’re much cooler than yours truly, so if you say so, I know Imma be tripping on a good thing.

    The tunes . . so good. SO good.

    • The Guat June 7, 2021 at 3:18 PM #

      They totally don’t have to end at Excelsior but that is a definite catapult into a new adventure. It sucks sometimes though. But Ben & Jerry, c’mon now. I couldn’t believe it myself either. It’s super creamy cherry ice cream and bits of chocolate. Plus cherries of course, and I dig cherries but I am NOT a big fan of maraschino cherries. Nope! It seemed to work out well though 🙂 if you end up trying it let me know. Hope your weekend went well hermano. Sending you sunshine and waves 🙂

      • Sorryless June 8, 2021 at 7:59 AM #

        There sure is.

        Believe it or not, I am not big on ice cream. Although I do partake of it this time of year, when the temps get stupid. So if I grab some, I’ll have to check it out.

        Chunks of chocolate . . never a bad thing.

  2. claywatkins June 9, 2021 at 6:43 AM #

    I am Chubby Hubby kinda guy, but have tried Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey but there are not my preference. Love ice cream, but need to stay away from it or should stay away from it. Like the songs this week – I knew two of them which is about my average… right now my ear worm is ‘Today is gonna be a great day’ by Bowling for Soup. Stay well and happy – use that ice cream when needed. Peace.

    • The Guat June 9, 2021 at 6:50 PM #

      Making the Days Count Clay! Good to see you here 🙂 hope you’re doing well and getting ready for the summer vacation break. I love ice cream and I got to say that I do enjoy those but preference is always cookie dough ice cream. Sweetness is my kryptonite. Oh my gosh what a song to get stuck in … ha! Disney theme song so funny 🙂 glad you enjoyed the tunes. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello 🙂

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