Feel Good 5 Friday … on a Saturday Night

9 Jan

Sometimes people and life become so ugly and the excuses so lame that you got to find your corner of the world and remember that good resides there in order to gain the strength to see the next day and do good. Do good for your yourself, do good for your family, and do good for your community.

With all the chaos of the week it was easy to get lost in the bad, but needed a moment, just like everyone else, a moment to strip the negative away. But it was difficult, we needed something good and I was able to find what I needed in the tunes from my youth. Something about the tunes helps escape, at least for a moment.

And a quick escape from ugly is what was needed, in order to recalibrate and look forward to possibilities and a better something. I looked at the two good things that happened during the week and the small victories I could take in such a hot mess. I was glad to be part of something good when all the chaos hit, I was glad to have helped impact someone’s course and that trajectory was for positive change. I was glad to have volunteered and helped, making a difference, no matter how big or small everything added up. I mean look at Georgia … I took the win, put it in my back pocket, and turned on the jams.

Music is not always a solution, I know, but it provides a space, a safe space for peace and calm in my heart, of happiness and feel good vibes when they’re missing everywhere else, for inspirations that may help find solutions, for joy when you need to feeeeeeeeel it because in the midst of ugliness two moments of good took place and at the very least I needed to recognize it.

Needing something good and I found it in my playlist.

Buen Camino, my friends …

Van McCoy — The Hustle

Tavares — Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel

Chuck Mangione — Feel So Good

Los Faulosos Cadillacs — Matador

Dee Lite — Groove is in The Heart




3 Responses to “Feel Good 5 Friday … on a Saturday Night”

  1. Sorryless January 11, 2021 at 8:51 PM #

    Girl, you always tell it like it has to be told. You set down the propers in this beautiful essay and then you hit one out of the park with your musical selections. All of which I have jammed to and will most certainly jam to again.

    Music is my way of grabbing some peace of mind. And it heartens me to know that me and you go to that well in the same way. And always will.

    Be well, hermana.

    • The Guat January 17, 2021 at 12:30 AM #

      Thanks for the visit and the kind words after such a rough week. I mean sometimes we just have to write feeling down, glad they’re out there and you could relate. Yes to the music and so glad these tunes are remembered and help you grab some peace of mind. High five for being on the same wave, riding through the ocean hoping for that Jack Johnson vibe while reaching for the tunes that give us that extra umph. Good vibes hermano, the best kind.

      • Sorryless January 17, 2021 at 4:31 PM #

        It’s always good to know someone is there, riding the waves of good and not so good . . but getting through them and moving forward.

        You West Coast, Me East . . Representing!

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