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4 Nov

It happens when things don’t necessarily go your way. You’re late, your friend didn’t come through, you ran out of time, it wasn’t there anymore. These are all reasons we do it.

The emergency gift.

There are multiple bottles of wine and gift cards that I’ve purchased for the emergency gift. As a parent with two kids, timelines don’t always go from A to B. I am dragged in all kinds of directions and trying to Zen my way to having more patience as we rush out the door. Emergency bottle of wine or gift cards saved me. Incidentally, everyone that has gotten these emergency bottles welcomed it with a smile.

But just recently I came across an emergency gift that was stored away. I had bought it last minute to add to a group gift because what my friend had special ordered was not going to arrive on time. At least, that’s what she told me. And it wasn’t until after I had already purchased this, that my friend called and said … I got it! It arrived.

So I kept the emergency present with the intention of regifting it sometime in the future to someone who might really enjoy it. An addition to a present that would add a nice little pick-me-up.

I forgot about it until recently when I went looking for a book and found it on the closet floor. I opened up this unfamiliar box and then smiled when I saw what was inside.

It IS official.

I laughed because I imagined that’s how the girl would react when she opened up the box of goodies and this was one of them.

I realized, I am TOTALLY worthy of this gift myself! I should keep it. There’s no re-gifting this, I mean, I want I can buy another one for someone else. But this one right here, this one is mine. It’s the kind of gift I’d enjoy by myself. Just drinking tea late at night or early in the morning when no one is awake. I’d feel weird if someone else other than the kids saw me drinking out of it. It’s more a private celebratory moment. A pat on the back. A loud woo-hoo whisper. A quiet cartwheel moment, if there is such a thing, to share with myself and take a deep breath.

Yeah. That’s definitely my cup.

It’s good to have reminders of things you shouldn’t forget, especially during Covid when you might not feel at 100 every day. Then I thought I should be buying myself emergency gifts once a month. I should have my own special bottle of wine, chocolate, treat, or reward for little accomplishments.

That helps keep the motivation up, and I definitely need to take advantage of the momentum when it’s rolling my way. Unexpected emergency gifts provide a silver lining to the never ending Groundhog Day we’re all living in right now. They might just give us that extra boost needed. We’d probably give Bill Murray a run for his money.

Buen Camino …